The law shouldn’t be selective, says Phiri

GENDER minister Elizabeth Phiri says the law should take its course on Chadiza PF Bwanunkha ward councillor Paul Zulu, who is alleged to have defiled a 14-year-old girl of Jungujane village in chief Maguya’s area in Chipata.

Zulu is alleged to have defiled the minor on October 9, 2018 but has not yet been arrested by the police.

Eastern Province police commissioner Luckson Sakala told journalists that the defilement was reported to Msupadzi police post.

“The suspect has since runaway and police have launched a manhunt for the same suspect. The victim was given a medical report which has since been submitted to the police,” said Sakala.

But Zulu had since resurfaced and attended council meetings.

Commenting on the matter, Phiri said the law should not be selective.

“As Minister of Gender, I am saying if there is such a councillor with proof that he has defiled a child, may the law take its course. We shall be failing the people if us who are supposed to provide security, us who are supposed to protect the laws of the nation, we are the ones violating the laws of the nation,” she said. “So as Minister of Gender, I really want the law not to discriminate. It should not discriminate, it should be for all Zambians.”

Phiri said nobody should be disadvantaged because the perpetrator was in high office.
“There is nobody who is untouchable because the law should protect everybody,” said Phiri. “I am appealing to the police to act and they have to lead
by example. As Minister of Gender I am not happy to see law discrimination…to spare others and prosecute others.”

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