Crooks frustrating Church’s peace efforts will face God’s wrath – Chipepo

CHIEF Chipepo says crooks frustrating the Church’s efforts to bring peace to the nation will face the wrath of God and suffer premature deaths.

He also said 2018 was a year in which nothing was achieved in terms of rural development and poverty reduction.

Chipepo warned the ruling PF against politics of vindictiveness or enacting laws that would haunt them should they lose the 2021 elections.

In an interview, Chipepo said Zambians must reject the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue’s involvement in the dialogue process because it was a bunch of crooks.

“Crooks frustrating the Church’s efforts in trying to bring peace to the nation will face the wrath of God and die premature deaths. We are tired of these crooks in the name of politicians in Zambia,” he said.

The chief said meaningful dialogue could only be achieved if the Church was allowed to conduct the entire process alone without the involvement of crooked individuals that had brought misery to Zambians.

He explained that the Church was in a better place to make peace in the dialogue process because their business started and ended with prayer accompanied by Bible quotes, unlike those speaking in the flesh to make decisions.

Chipepo wondered why the ZCID had continued to frustrate the Church from facilitating a meaningful dialogue process that would benefit the country.

He said Zambia was a Christian nation and it would be befitting if the Church was allowed to conduct the dialogue process alone.

“Do ZCID members go to church? Do they belong to these three church mother bodies or what? Because if they go to church then there is no need for them to play any role in the dialogue process because they are already covered by their pastors under the umbrella of the three church mother bodies,” Chipepo said.

He wondered what motive ZCID had to insist on playing a part in the dialogue process if they still belonged to the Church.

The traditional leader said if there was still need for dialogue to take place in the country, then the Church must handle it.

He said the ZCID was another political party that needed to be sat down alongside other political players and not for it to facilitate the dialogue process.

Chipepo urged politicians to learn to respect God by allowing His prophetic voice from the Church to bring peace, harmony and love among His people.

“God wants to say something to the nation because He has heard His children’s cries for peace and unity. Zambians don’t want to be divided and here is an opportunity that God wants to use through the Church to speak to us and ZCID from nowhere, comprised of individuals without the Spirit of God, wants to ruin everything,” he said. “Don’t play with God because you will start dying deaths that people won’t understand, properly.”

Chipepo called on the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs to be at the centre of the process in helping to bring peace and unity in the country.

He said whenever the Church was involved, things happened because God was there.

And on the proposed privatisation inquiry, Chipepo appealed to those in government to ask God if that decision was in the best interests of Zambians.
He wondered if the inquiry would solve all challenges people were facing.

Chipepo called for the Spirit of God to be upon all Zambians during moments when wrong decisions that could not build the nation were being taken.

“As far as I’m concerned, there is no single individual who can sell a government property. When selling, there is a procedure that is followed and in this case let the civil service advise government not to go ahead with this privatisation inquiry,” he said. “There is need to be careful with what we are doing. To those in power, don’t be in a hurry to do certain things. Have you heard from God or it’s just your mind?”

Chipepo said some politicians would “cry” in 2021 if they were not careful with what they were doing because people were now able to read between the lines.

He said those that were elected into office must now focus on delivering and not politicking.

“2021 is near and they will be assessed according to their deeds,” Chipepo said.

He called for the change of style of politics from one of vindictiveness to that which builds the nation.
The traditional leader warned the PF against making any law that might haunt them in an event that they lost elections in 2021.

Chipepo said politicians must stop using cadres to cause havoc in the country.

He challenged youths not to accept to be used as cadres just for the sake of getting beer.

And analysing 2018, Chipepo said it was a year in which nothing was achieved in terms of rural development and poverty reduction.

“Let the politicians we voted for go back to the people and hear the challenges we are facing. This CDF [Constituency Development Fund] is not enough to develop any district and that’s why we still need another hand, ” said Chipepo.

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