IT’S A CURSE…to have Lungu as President; Lesa wesu citapo cimo uno mwaka, says Kambwili

I WANT to pray for all those that have been stealing from government that leave those bad manners in 2018, says Chishimba Kambwili.

And Kambwili has urged civil servants not to accept less than 50 per cent salary increment for the 2019 collective bargaining.

Addressing the media at his house in Lusaka yesterday, Kambwili said it was a curse to have President Edgar Lungu as Head of state.

Kambwili, who was reflecting on the performance of the PF in the year 2018, said President Lungu was on test this year.

“I want to pray for all those that have been stealing from the government, those that have been plundering poor people’s resources that leave those bad manners in 2018. You know yourselves and you know that you have become rich since President Edgar Lungu took office but those riches will not take you anywhere, ifyakwiba tafitwalafye nangu kumo (stolen things do not take one anywhere). You can look like a star because of stolen wealth but it will not take you anywhere and as we start this journey from 2019 to 2021, remember that we have a record of all the properties that you have…properties that you have put in your wives names, properties you have put in third parties,” he said. “We know them, bengi sana (there are many) who have put properties in other people’s names, we know them but I can tell you that Imbwili ni Mbwili and when I come, not if I come, when I come in 2021, all those things you have stolen will be taken back to the State. Those houses near [Leopards Hill] Memorial Park, all those houses here at Regiment Baracks…will all be taken back to the government because we know who the owners are. You may have put in other people’s names but we know you. Those who are building houses in Chalala, houses in New Kasama, we know you. We know those ladies going there pretending that they are the owners of the plots but even as I speak to you, there are builders who work for you and they know who pays them. So you are wasting your time, I pray to God that let the Holy Spirit come down in you to teach you to work hard the way some of us have worked hard, stop stealing from the poor people.”

Kambwili wondered how one who was merely a professional assistant at Chawama parliamentary office would today own houses all over Lusaka.

“Today when you go in his house, which is just next to mine, the yard is full of posh cars kwati nipali ba Kambwili ababombesha (like it is at Kambwili’s yard, who works hard). Somebody who was just a professional assistant at the parliamentary office and today works at State House lives in a minister’s house. When you go in my house, go upstairs check his yard and see the property, which is there,” he said. “Where has that young man gotten that wealth just in two years of working at State House? And if you think the people of Zambia are stupid then you are wasting your time…some of them were constables in Zambia Police but two years of being in office and you look at their wealth…some of them were running lodges, nefipu kuti fyakusuma kuma (bedbug infested lodges in) Mansa but today they are stinking rich and yet there are no drugs in hospitals. Mulewina through the procurement of drugs, we know the properties you are building. God in heaven does not sleep; if you think you can fool the people of Zambia, know that you cannot fool God. So as long as you cannot fool God, the wrath of law and people of Zambia will certainly come to down soon and very soon.”

Kambwili said there had been no government, from Dr Kaunda to date, which had stolen like the current PF government.

“And then as a leader of this [party] you go to church and say all those that want to take over from me must be Christians like me…iwe kuti waba Christian iwe (can you be a Christian yourself)? If you are Christian then there are no Christians and all those that call themselves Christians are fake. How can you be a Christian when you have accumulated so much unexplained wealth when not long ago in 2012 you were a nobody? Today you have become so rich and then you go to church…. naimwe ba Pastor bayako you are letting us down, it’s better, men of God, to tell these people the truth.”

Kambwili told off men of God who have been receiving money from President Lungu to question themselves where he was getting the money he was dishing out.

He lashed out at the named Bishop who said the Constitutional Court’s ruling on President Lungu’s eligibility case was a landmark judgment after he received money from the Head of State.

“We (you) Pastor we, go and repent…pokelelafye (just get the) K25,000 and put it in your pocket. And we know that these pastors pocket that money but there are genuine and well meaning pastors who receive this money and use it for the well being of the Church,” Kambwili said.

He told off “PF surrogates” saying the ruling party had performed well when the plight of the civil servants was “hell on earth”.

He questioned how, with the appalling standard of living for civil servants, one would applaud the PF of having performed well.

“Some people are saying the PF has performed well, ala kwena mwebantu limo limo muleyumfwila uluse (you should have pity on yourselves). How can you say the PF have performed well? What is the plight of the civil servants today? How is the living standard of a civil servants today? Because a successful government, the government that has done so well, you can only determine their success by looking at the way the civil servants are living. It must be understood that government is the largest employer and the way government is taking care of its employees, the way the civil servants are living tells you whether the country is on a correct trajectory,” Kambwili said.

He added that the civil servants today were living off loans because their salaries could not sustain them.

He insisted that a sensible government should give civil servants housing allowances commensurate with the rentals in their area.

Kambwili further urged civil servants not to accept a salary increment, which would be less than 50 per cent as they resume the 2019 conditions of service negotiations.

He said the PF was creating poverty, which it used to win elections.

Kambwili advised union leaders to negotiate better conditions of service for civil service workers.

“Today the salary increments that we gave the civil servants under President Sata’s reign have been diluted by the so many taxes, so many levies and hash living conditions, having expensive essential commodities. Look, country men and women, this issue of people suffering is not for Chishimba Kambwili, it’s not for Hakainde Hichilema, it’s not for Milupi, it’s not for Edgar Lungu, it’s for all of us the people of Zambia and once we wake up as a citizenry and start demanding and acting the way we are expected to act, you will not suffer the way you are suffering today. It’s up to you the civil servants, the teachers, the nurses, the police, if you still have confidence in this government mukatampa ukulya abana benu (you will carnibalise your children), the only alternative you have is me, I am an experienced politician and I know where to touch, how to control the economy,” Kambwili said.

“Teachers who live in Lusaka, the minimum you can accept as Housing allowance is K3000 for you to live in a decent house and those who live on the Copperbelt, the houses there are about K2000-K2,500 so only accept the amount that will be of the same standard as the house rents on the market but ngatabalefwaya ba government bakule amayanda pama sulukulu yonse (if the government does not want to gibe you, let them build houses for you at all schools) so that teachers can be accommodate. Nga niwe nurse bakule amayanda yaba nurse so that tufunyeko housing allowance,” Kambwili said.

He further lamented that President Lungu and the PF were cruel who wanted to enjoy better conditions of service at the expense of the working civil servants.

He said President Lungu’s leadership style was a disaster.

“Ukutuletela Edgar Lungu lishamo sana, Lesa wesu citapo cimo uno mwaka (giving us Edgar Lungu is bad omen; our God, do something this year. Ubuwelewele knows no limit, you can be a minister or President but ulichiwelewele. Kwatako inkumbu, kwatako uluse (have mercy) Lungu and when you go to church you say those that want to unseat you should be Christians but what Christians are you talking about? You are on test this year. I do not want to learn anything from your leadership because you are a disaster. You cannot drink in the cup of the Lord and the devil at the same time,” said Kambwili.

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