I don’t want to go down as a praise singer for the appointing authorities, says PF member

ONE of the aspirants for the PF Eastern Province chairmanship Mung’omba Ngoma has pulled out of the race, saying he does not want to go down in history as a politician who only becomes a praise singer for the appointing authorities.

Announcing his decision to pull out of the race for the provincial chairmanship, Ngoma said the PF should do mass mobilisation throughout the province.

Asked whether he had bowed to pressure, which his earlier statement might have attracted within the ruling party, Ngoma said there was no pressure.

“No, there is no pressure at all; if anything, my statement was well received and I think that if you look at the general commentary that I received, people were very happy that I hit the nail on its head. My statement expressed the current happenings in Eastern Province where if the PF doesn’t mass mobilise then the UPND and other opposition political parties are going to gain ground; that’s the truth and I like speaking the truth. I don’t want to go down in history as a
politician who only becomes a praise singer to the appointing authorities, no,” he said.

Ngoma said he would continue with the politics of honesty.

“Where a wrong is noted, people have to point it out, that’s how we worked with Michael Sata; we believed in politics of honesty, we never used to mislead. Where we were not doing fine, we could tell him ‘your excellency, we are not doing well here’ and he could give us strategic plans on how to amend things and become better and strong, that’s the kind of politics I look at, not politics of just hero worshipping where you just lose numbers and you say we are very popular but the results are showing you otherwise. Why lose a local government by-election if you are doing well? Where something has gone wrong, point it out and iron it out and still win the confidence of the
people,” he said.

Ngoma, who earlier said he had high chances of scooping the top position, said he was going for further studies and would not participate in the
provincial elections.

“I have decided to go and read for masters from September 2019 and up to next year. I think the party will need people that will be on the ground between September 2018 and September 2020 so that they can continue mobilising the party. So I thought it is in the best interest of my future strategic plan and the party to pull out so that for now I take a one-year just to build my career,” he said.

Ngoma said he would not back anyone adding that the people in the province should decide who to elect for the position of chairperson.

“When I announced that I was going to stand, the support I received was massive. I had very good support coming from all the districts in the province, so I was going to pull through. I value education and I believe what I am going to in the next one year is what is going to brighten my political career,” he said.

Ngoma, a former diplomat, said he does not want to go down in history like other politicians who become politically doomed after failing to
become members of parliament.

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