IT’S COLD OUTSIDE GOVT…but in the process I’ve managed to get rid of fake alliances, says Kalaba

IT has been cold outside government but it has been very fulfilling, says Harry Kalaba.

He said he found it to be a better option to side with the needy in a country plagued by many difficulties.

Kalaba resigned as a foreign minister on January 2, 2018 with a damning Facebook posting that touched on swelling corruption in the PF government, among other reasons.

“It has been cold outside government but it has been very fulfilling because I left government on the strength of my own principles,” Kalaba said when asked yesterday to summarise his year-old experience outside the government.
“It is better to be with the underprivileged than to be with those that have when things in the country are wrong.”

Kalaba said his conviction, a year ago, was still the same conviction he had now that “as cold as it might be, I’m with the people that are suffering.”

“I’m happy that I’m learning more and more of their struggles. I’m part of their struggles and I know that come 2021, the people will liberate themselves because this has happened before,” he said.

And Kalaba, who is Bahati PF member of parliament, explained that when one made a decision to resign as a minister, “you are bound to be left alone.”

“But in the process I have gained real friends and in the process I have managed to get rid of fake alliances. So, I’m grateful that I’m where I am. I have not regretted and I will never regret this decision because it is in the interest of Zambia,” said Kalaba, who is a Democratic Party (DP) 2021 presidential candidate.

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