You’re mocking God, Syakalima tells PF

YOU are mocking God as PF, says Douglas Syakalima.

He said when PF went to Mulungushi Rock Authority for its convention in 2015, the place was filled with “pangas allover”.

“There was no voting, there was just a show of legs; ‘how many want Lungu?’ They lifted their legs. So doesn’t that remind people? How can this person say he was appointed by God when even coming to the party itself, at the party convention, there were pangas?” he said. “You are mocking God as PF. Before the curse comes upon the curse we already have, shut up.”

Syakalima was responding to criticism against him for saying the devil, not God made President Lungu president.

The former University of Zambia Psychology lecturer, asked at what stage President Lungu repented and who baptized him as a Christian.

“Where did he come from? What is his original church? Because me I am able to explain. I come from the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church. I went to a Primary School where there were Pilgrims; Choma Secondary School is run by Pilgrim Wesleyan Church. Occasionally, I was attending Jembo Seminary. I am a Pilgrim Wesleyan Church goer. Our mission also runs Zimba Mission Hospital. We have Chakoguma Mission, where my father was, we have Pambazana Wesleyan Church, that is where I used to preach. You can go into Kalikiliki, there is a church there where I occasionally go to preach, including Mtendere,” he said. “When I was at the University of Zambia as a student, I opened a branch in Kalingalinga as we were building Munali Pilgrim Wesleyan Church. Let them show me the church where Edgar Lungu has been since childhood. And then up to today, which church he has been going to, not these invitations [to churches] he has been carrying as President. By the way, is it me who suspended him or removed his law practicing licence for one year?”

Syakalima wondered whether Christian lawyers “chew” clients money.

He said lawyers who were not Christian were bound by their own ethics.
He said what he was saying might not sit well with people benefiting from President Lungu but “we have a moral society to run”.

“The problem with Zambians is that they are too forgetful but you know me for the past thirty years I was trained how to remember as a psychologist, so I will keep on reminding people, now matter how they are going to shut their minds, they have to be awakened,” he said.

And Syakalima requested the Bishops Council of Zambia who, through its general secretary Able Kaela condemned him over his statement, to invite him to a meeting to explain himself.

Kaela had told the Daily Nation that the UPND were “bringing a curse on itself” by Syakalima’s statement against President Lungu.

He challenged the UPND leadership to reprimand Syakalima and distance themselves from the statement.

But Syakalima said he has been raised up to hate injustice.

“Instead of coming to The Mast to get the context in which I was saying this, he went to the Daily Nation, why? It shows you that these people who call themselves Bishops…he is protecting evil. There is no way that this person can say that Syakalima is bringing a curse on Zambia, we are already cursed! That’s why in the interview I even asked for repentance and restitution of the country,” he said.

Syakalima said Kaela must be among those who call themselves Christians for Lungu instead of Christ.

“This man, for answering me like that, is just increasing the curse on our country and I will still call for restitution and repentance for the country, that we ask God to give us a ruler who will be worthy respecting and who will be worth coming from God,” he said.
“Let me tell this so-called Kaela bishop, some of us have been through God’s hands since we were born. Me where I come from, my church is Pilgrim Wesleyan Church…and our doctrine is to hate injustice.”

Syakalima wondered why Kaela did not advise President Lungu to go to the national dialogue meeting rather than going to do petty things on the Copperbelt.

“And I believe that beyond politics, there are families, so there are certain things that we don’t say. Like myself, this is how I was brought up, so the things that I say about Lungu it is for the love of the country,” he said.
“So all these Bishops, I don’t even know them, I don’t even know this character, when did he come to know President Lungu? And no amount of ‘Bishopping’ or prophetting would deter me from protecting the country. I have a prophetic job also of my own and that is to hate injustice. When injustice bring its ugly face I will fight it and I will continue doing this. Since I have been to the mountains, I don’t care what happens to me anymore. I may not live to see a country which I wanted to see but certainly the next generation will be happy with me.”

Syakalima insisted that President Lungu was not a God given leader.

“This is why I asked for revival, repentance and restitution for the whole country. We have sinned against God and we must bow down and pray in earnest otherwise we’ll continue on this wrong path. God is not happy with us, that is what many people must understand,” he said.
“Let me see that Bishop pray in earnest and see whether what he sees Lungu as a God given person, I insist no. Because we are not praying in earnest, things are deteriorating. You even declare a day of national prayer and reconciliation yet you are running away from reconciliation, running away from dialogue, what type of behaviour is that? You declare a day of national prayer in a country that you are not even prayerful, in a country where you cheat God. Let each one of us have private prayer and see whether we really
mean what we say before God otherwise we are inviting more curse than what this Kayela is talking about.”

Syakalima challenged the Bishops Council of Zambia to call him for a meeting.

“Can’t these Bishops see how corrupt this government is? How wouldn’t they care about a government that steals from its own people? I talked about social cash transfer, people getting nectar from the poor people, people are thirsty, people are hungry, people are walking naked and you call yourself a Bishop? God forbid!” said Syakalima.

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