There will be no dialogue without me, says Kambwili

CHISHIMBA Kambwili says the national dialogue will not take place should ZCID and PF succeed in eliminating him from the process.

He said the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue and PF were scared of him hence their scheming to bar him from the national dialogue process.

Kambwili told journalists yesterday that undertones from PF and ZCID pointed to a plan to make sure MMD president Nevers Mumba and him were not part of the dialogue process that begins on January 18.

He has however warned that there would be no dialogue process without his participation.

“With or without ZCID, I am attending that dialogue process under NDC as its consultant and will lead the team on NDC. And if they don’t want, there will be no dialogue to talk about because all opposition political parties will walk out,” he warned. “I want to make it very clear, there should be no elimination of individuals or groupings by ZCID or PF. We want to speak our mind about the ills and wrongs that this government has been perpetuating against the people of Zambia and particularly democracy; so no elimination, we are all stakeholders. Tell [presidential spokesperson] Amos Chanda, ZCID and Lungu to behave.”

Kambwili said Zambians had now seen the reason why the opposition rejected a ZCID-led dialogue process.

“You have heard the undertones in the last three, four days of ZCID and PF speaking one language. The biggest problem that will come out of ZCID-led dialogue is that there will be elimination of certain individuals,” he said.

“You have already seen that ZCID and PF are scared of me and want to bring some tactics to eliminate me from the talks. If these talks are genuine, why are they scared of Chishimba Kambwili? ZCID is being hypocritical, even PF as they are saying you are allowing people who are illegal, what do they mean by saying illegal? Every Zambian is a stakeholder of the electoral process and politics of Zambia. It doesn’t matter which political party you belong to.”

Kambwili said the issue of which political party one belonged to must not arise.

“On what basis did ZCID recognise the Mutati-led MMD faction and not the Nevers led MMD because they are both in court? If ZCID were genuine, they should have said for the purpose of the dialogue, both factions must be allowed to attend,” he said.

Kambwili charged that ZCID was using the dialogue process to drive the agenda of the ruling PF.

He said he saw nothing wrong with being chosen to represent the NDC.

“Any Zambian who has interest in the political system in Zambia must be allowed to attend the dialogue but the problem that ZCID has is that they are driving the PF agenda where they don’t want strong people like Chishimba Kambwili to attend because they know he’s going to raise a lot of issues, he knows a lot of flaws that these people have been committing so they want to eliminate me,” Kambwili said. “I have been NDC consultant and if the party says we will use our consultant to lead the team of those going to attend the dialogue meeting, what problem do they have? What has that got to do with ZCID or PF? Why have they started singling out me; that why did you allow Kambwili to attend? It’s because they are scared, it’s because Kambwili knows a lot and he can bring a lot to this table of dialogue. They want to eliminate Nevers Mumba. Why do they want to eliminate Nevers Mumba when everybody knows that he is an integral part of the political system in Zambia? Everybody knows that Chishimba Kambwili is an important stakeholder in the politics of Zambia and if you want to eliminate these people then what dialogue are you talking about?”

Kambwili further said he was disappointed to hear that President Lungu was meeting Bishops behind the curtains when a date for the process was already set.

“And I am disappointed to hear that President Edgar Lungu has been engaging the Bishops over dialogue. This is what we don’t want to hear. The Bishops have given the date for the dialogue which is the 18th, there should be no side meetings between Lungu and the Bishops, between ZCID,” Kambwili said. “Let all come to that meeting and that’s where we are going to talk the issues. PF is now exposing themselves that they don’t mean well for this dialogue. The Bishops announced the date to meet on the 28th [December], they didn’t come and they announced that the launch is on the 18th [January] but before that date, they start engaging them, for what? Can we know what the Bishops and Lungu have been discussing because the date of the launch of the dialogue has been set for the 18th. Why call the Bishops, why engage them?”

Kambwili wondered why PF insisted that ZCID should lead the dialogue process involved.

“ZCID is political parties and some of the political parties are not members of ZCID so how are you going to treat them? That as long as they are not members of ZCID, they cannot attend, that’s rubbish,” Kambwili said. “What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander.”

Kambwili accussed the Felix Mutati-led MMD faction national secretary Raphael Nakacinda of being a surrogate of the PF who had no shame.

He wondered why Nakacinda, a nominated PF member of parliament, would be championing his exclusion from the dialogue process.

“We know that Nakacinda was nominated MP for the sake of driving this issue of the dialogue in favour of PF and Nakacinda must be ashamed of himself. Your president is dropped as minister, dropped as MP and they appoint you, then you jump at the offer. Politics of the belly, insala!” said Kambwili. “As far as I am concerned, the MMD faction of Mutati is the most useless grouping one can come across because if they were genuine politicians, they would have told Nakacinda to refuse that appointment after his president was dropped [as works and supply minister]. Because we all know who Nakacinda is. Nakacinda wants to use his position to advantage himself and eat; they are using the innocent party of MMD to gain their personal advantage, individual gain, that’s what they are doing.”

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