WE’RE READY TO WASH LUNGU’S FEET…please, Mr President, help us we are dying – Zampost workers

ZAMPOST employees have begged President Edgar Lungu to intervene in their plight as they have not been paid since July last year.

“We are ready to wash your feet as the woman in the Bible did to Jesus,” they said in an interview.

The workers who sought anonymity said they were enticed to call off a work stoppage last December after being paid K500 each and promised to have their arrears settled.

“We are on our knees begging the Head of State to intervene in our plight. He is a Christian and the God that he prays to is one of love and peace,” one of them said holding back tears. “So we want him to find grace in the eyes of the Lord and feel pity for us. Please, Mr President, help us we are dying. Most of us have received eviction notices and we cannot take our children to school if this situation continues.”

Another worker, who could not hold her emotions wept, revealing that her landlord had seized all her household items until she pays outstanding rentals.

“Imagine that the last salary we received was in July last year! This is heart breaking because my daughters can’t watch TV anymore because these items plus many of my kitchen utensils have been seized by my landlord who says these will only be given back after I settle all my rental arrears and then I should vacate the house,” she narrated.

The worker added that Zampost employees had been loyal to the government by reporting for work every day and have never engaged in any criminal activities despite the many sensitive documents and parcels they handle.

“We are down on our knees begging President Lungu to please help us. We have done all we could to attract his attention. We staged a sit-in protest, we have used the media and we know that he has been receiving reports on our plight but maybe he is not well briefed as to the extent of the problem,” another grieving worker said. “Mr President call us to State House so that we can explain how we are suffering. May be then can you feel the gravity. We are ready to wash your feet as the woman in the Bible did to Jesus.”

Another worker said he had been surviving on handouts from his relatives who have also become fed up.

“I have sold most of my household items to mitigate my relatives aid but they are now tired of me begging all the time. Please Mr President, seek God’s grace and help us.”

Another said most Zampost employees have been suspended on grounds of instigating the recent work stoppage.

They appealed to President Lungu to prevail on Zampost management to reinstate them.

The Zampost workers resolved to go on go slow after their five months salaries have not been paid.

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