Be focused, Lengwe urges sportswomen

FIFA referee Gladys Lengwe says girls should join sports early before they are exposed to bad vices.

Lengwe, who was voted best referee in Zambia at the recently held 2018 MTN/FAZ awards said in an interview that 2018 was a sad year for women in sports after they lost a fellow referee in an accident.

Lengwe encouraged all sports women especially female referees to remain focused.

“I would like to encourage those who would want to join us especially those that are in school, primary and secondary schools that that is the best time to join before they become… because once one finishes school, they are exposed to a lot of things. We are transitioning and soon we will need people to take over the mantle and to those ladies and girls that are already in the system, I wish to encourage them to remain focused,” Lengwe said.
“Last year was a sad year on the other part because we lost Leah Namukonde, she was also a FIFA referee. We were the two of us [in the country], it was a great loss because it is not easy to replace experience. You can fill the position but you can’t replace experience because it takes time, it takes years to build a referee, I’m still heartbroken.”

Lengwe won the best referee for the year 2018 which was her second consecutive title having also won the award the previous year.

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