Headline Matters…with Chambwa

Elephants and Rats

This is my debut Headline Matters article. So, I will DELIBERATELY try to be topsy-turvy. Hahaha!

You see, there was a time when honesty was a celebrated feature in this country. But that was a long time, so long before the formation of the UPND and PF, long before one’s nudity in Mongu, for instance, could be viewed, via WhatsApp and Facebook, by millions of technologically-savvy Zambians in all parts of the country.

Before the dawn of the current dishonesty, people, at home and on the streets, yearned to hear nothing but the truth. Where are we now? Times have changed! Most Zambians now can’t even believe their complexion. Confounding people! The erosion of honesty in our country is largely anchored on politicians and I proudly say so. They have made numerous developmental pledges, over the years, and yet such plans are never implemented. If they are perfunctorily implemented, the package turns out to be a stupid one. Do you wonder why our amended Republican Constitution of 2016 is like a reed basket ‘full of water?’ That’s the Constitution those in the PF, learned and otherwise, call the new Constitution! Damn irritants!

Majority of Zambians have, outwardly, simply lost all hope in political pledges and such is understandable. I know; someone is reading this and presuming that I’m attributing dishonesty in Zambia to ba kateka. It’s not possible! Yes, the man has that nefarious expertise to lie through his teeth but even the casualty of treason without reason has his black spots; he tends to promise paradise on earth. The rest of politicians, ruling and in the opposition, cannot be exempted from this game of subtracting social morality by way of lying. But maybe a few non-active ones could be an exemption – that’s an argument for posterity.

Look, there is now a group of 10 opposition political parties that have come together to basically ‘speak with a consolidated voice on national issues.’ Ah! I’m yet to hear that one voice reverberate. That political alliance of 10 is, according to PF officials, and even rationally, an assemblage of some less popular names. They argue that it has no political ideology whatsoever and has no capacity to dislodge President Edgar Lungu from power, in an election. Maybe true or maybe not! The question, however, is why the ‘fear’ of this ‘worthless’ opposition alliance? I’m not the alliance’s spokesperson and I can’t be because I have the capacity to speak on national issues using my lone voice, unlike some of its members. I was just wondering why the PF secretariat has inundated public media newsrooms with absurd voices to disparage this ‘yet-to-fall’ political alliance. Readers, do you even see honesty in this so-called opposition alliance? Or do you see honesty in the PF chatterboxes condemning it? Blink, think.

We have to be honest; isn’t the PF also in an alliance with ‘opposition’ parties/individuals of the real opposition? It is, except its alliance is not at risk of collapsing, at least for now, because it’s anchored on nectar. Yaba!

How shall we retain honesty in this country? Politicians, like sturdy elephants in a park, are doing as they please and ordinary citizens, on the other hand, are engaged into stern internal strife like rats in a groundnuts storeroom! Ba kateka and his singing troupe, the treason without reason magnate and other politicians, who are all elephants, may continue playing kalambe (hide-and-seek) if the rats don’t take a moment of silence to see what’s going on in this ‘bush’ called Zambia. Don’t mind a thin elephant; some rats are genetically fat, after all. It might turn out that the thin one consumes more. Lol!

The next version of Headline Matters will be on Sunday.

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