BAKABOLALA, IN TROUBLE…there can’t be dialogue and reconciliation if people continue to steal – Kambwili

YOU are scared of me attending the reconciliation meeting because in the first meeting we had at Kapingila House I made it very clear that there will be no dialogue without discussing corruption, Chishimba Kambwili tells the PF.

Addressing journalists at his house in Lusaka yesterday, Kambwili said because he made it clear that after the dialogue meeting ministers, including President Edgar Lungu, would need to explain how they had acquired their wealth, the corrupt have had no sleep.

He said upon hearing that corruption would be top on the agenda in the January 18 dialogue meeting, “thieves have exposed themselves by fiercely advocating his absence.”

“I have called this impromptu media briefing just to give my position on the dialogue and what has led to so many statements by PF surrogates, ZCID and them. I want to make it very clear that the thieves have exposed themselves…. Bakabwalala and plunderers have exposed themselves through this national dialogue,” Kambwili said. “I am sure that all these who have been saying Kambwili should not attend the national dialogue have been sponsored by PF and President Edgar Lungu because of the issues I raised in the first meeting. In the first meeting we had at Kapingila, I made it very clear that there will be no dialogue without discussing corruption. And I made it very clear that we need to explain how people have acquired their wealth and because of this bakabwalala, ba pompwe, the corrupt have not been sleeping since the last meeting we had with the Church mother bodies.”

The rebel PF member of parliament said assertions that he was PF member were misplaced because he had never been invited to attend any of their meetings in the last two years.

Kambwili said he dragged the PF to court to merely defend his Roan seat and not maintain his membership of the party.

“Now what they are trying to do is to make sure that they exclude me by pretending that somebody in PF will represent me. I have made it very clear and I want to say it again that I am in court to fight for my Roan seat, not to fight for membership of PF,” he said. “For the past two years, the PF have never called me for meetings that they call. They have never called me for the caucus of MPs, they have never called me for any meeting at all but are you not surprised that today they are saying Kambwili is a member of parliament for PF and we are going to represent him…represent who? I am capable of representing myself. I don’t need anybody to represent me.”

Kambwili said there could not be a national dialogue and reconciliation process if people continued to steal and if those who had stolen did not want to pay back.

“So bakabwalala, ba pompwe and the corrupt, I know why you are scared of me being in that reconciliation meeting because you know the issues I am going to raise. I want to tell you that you cannot intimidate me. You have failed to intimidate me with your police, you have failed to intimidate me on taking me to court on tramped up charges and I can assure you that even on the dialogue process, you are not going to intimidate me,” he said. “There cannot be a national dialogue and reconciliation if people continue to steal, if people have stolen and don’t want to pay or bring back what they have stolen from Zambians.”

Kambwili said his resolve to discuss corruption and thereafter subject ministers and government officials to a lifestyle audit had unsettled the PF.

“I made it very clear that corruption must be one of the issues we must discuss and that ministers and all those in government must be prepared after the dialogue to undergo a lifestyle audit so that we check their wealth against their earnings so that we measure whether their wealth is commensurate with the little businesses that they do. And because of that all radio stations and all newspapers…it’s today Mwanza, tomorrow it’s Lifwekelo, the other day is Tonga, the other day is Nakacinda, they all want to drive an agenda that Chishimba Kambwili must not be allowed,” Kambwili said.
“Let me make it very clear, this dialogue is not about political parties, this is not an interparty political meeting. This is a dialogue for the nation, for everybody who has an issue against the way this country is being run. It also extends to NGOs and I am going to attend this national dialogue because the NDC have decided that out of the three representatives, shall be myself, the Secretary General and the vice-president of NDC, period! So Bakabolala be prepared, you can see how they are preparing themselves. The first one to issue a statement was their minister, [Charles] Banda, Minister of Tourism that we don’t want our President to be embarrassed. But if he has not stolen, he will not be embarrassed. But if he has stolen, he will certainly be embarrassed because he has to tell us where he has gotten the money to become so rich at the expense of the poor people. I want to make it very clear that you have just exposed yourselves bakabolala and I am not going to run away from you bakabolala.”

Kambwili said he felt sorry for PF deputy media director Antonio Mwanza for going out to radio stations and disparage him.

“I feel sorry for this boy who was very strong, who was strongly opposing the thieving of the PF government but today, instead of being born again, he has been born backwards so that he can also participate in the plunder. I feel sorry for you my young brother because you don’t have integrity,” said Kambwili. “So Bakabolala just know that on the agenda in the dialogue process is the Electoral Process, the public order Act, the Constitution and paramount of them all is corruption. And if you have dipped your fingers in the coffers of Zambia, yes you will be embarrassed and whatever you are going to say will not stop me from attending the dialogue. I am a Zambia and I am NDC Consultant and will lead the NDC team, period, Muye mubebe bakabolala that they are in trouble.”

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