I’m not for sale, says Kangombe

(By Fredrick Misebezi in Sesheke)

UPND candidate in the forthcoming Sesheke parliamentary by-election Romeo Kangombe says no amount of blackmail will stop him from winning with the hearts of the people of Sesheke on the UPND ticket.

And Kangombe says developing Sesheke is what tops his agenda for the area.

In an interview yesterday, Kangombe disclosed that there were several attempts by the ruling party to blackmail him so that he does not contest the by-election on the UPND ticket.

“They have been calling me and offering me a lot of money so that I pull out of this race like they did in Kasenengwa. But I have put it clear to them that I am not for sale,” said Kangombe.

“At first they wanted me to stand on the PF ticket and after they realised that they were not succeeding with their scheme, they came back again with their evil offers that I completely pull out of this race.”

And Kangombe disclosed that he received a phone call from a named senior government official in Lusaka on Tuesday who offered to give him K10 million for him to pull out of the forthcoming parliamentary by-election.

“And yesterday I received another phone call from a senior government official in Lusaka. He told me that they were ready to give me over K10 million if I pull out of this election. At first they came with an offer of K1.8 million and yesterday they came with a new offer of K10 million. But I didn’t even waste my time, I just told him to take that money to Zampost workers who have not been paid for months,” he said.

“He further issued some threats upon hearing that I wasn’t cooperating with him. But I want to put it straight to the PF that we will win, as the people of Sesheke, on the UPND ticket.”

Kangombe further indicated that there was urgent need to address many challenges that the people of Sesheke were faced with.

“My agenda for Sesheke is very clear – to develop the area and improve people’s lives through lobbying for development from both the government and the private sector,” he said.

“Our district has lagged behind in terms of development for a very long time and this has been as a result of lack of political will from government. I am ready to work for the people of Sesheke after winning with them next month.”

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