NOTHING WILL STOP US – HH…as he congratulates opposition for winning DR Congo elections

SESHEKE must provide the way towards 2021 and we will not allow anything to stand in our way, says UPND leader Hakinde Hichilema.

And Hichilema has congratulated the opposition in the Democratic Republic of Congo for winning the recent presidential elections, adding that the opposition in Zambia will also win the 2021 presidential elections.

Meanwhile, UPND candidate Romeo Kangombe says he now feels determined because it has been
quite a difficult time withstanding the pressure of the PF adding that if he was a weakling, he would have given in to the ruling party’s demands.

The PF was dwarfed in Sesheke before and after filing nominations as business came to a standstill when scores of residents besieged Hichilema’s motorcade while PF was seen driving around in five vehicles to celebrate their candidate’s filing in of nominations.

In an interview after Kangombe filed in his nomination soon after 13:150 hours, Hichilema said the PF tried all it could to poach his party’s candidate using bribery and when this failed, they tried to arrest him on trumped-up charges.

“I want to say thank you to sichaba sa Sesheke (community of Sesheke) and Zambia as a whole for standing for us. We have been brutalised,
everything in the book has been done against us. We have remained strong; God has a reason why He has kept us strong. We want to ensure that we walk towards liberating the people of Zambia and nothing will stand in our way. But the strength we have is the people’s strength so we ask and encourage the people to remain so,” he said.
“Now that Kangombe has filed his nominations, it is for people to campaign door-to-door and to vote on the polling day. Voting for Kangombe is voting for UPND. It is voting for zwelopili, batu ba
nyanda, kakolo ka bona ka lunyandisa [voting for Kangombe is voting for development, people are suffering, our mother’s little boat is making us suffer] everything is down in this country, akuna misebezi, bana abana sikolo (there are no jobs, children don’t go to school), nothing is working. So Sesheke must provide the way towards 2021 and we will not allow anything to stand in our way.”

Hichilema congratulated Kangombe for filing in his nominations against all odds under the brutal regime of PF.

“They started first by enticing him to join them and stand on their ticket but the young man said ‘no’ and remained resolute. They moved away from that and brought in arm-twisting tactics to try and arrest him for a crime he did not commit. He has remained steadfast. I congratulate him for that. That is a lesson to many youths, to councillors who are selling themselves like tomatoes in a market, to learn that you can be strong to retain your dignity. Thank you to Kangombe… kakolo kabona ka lunyandisa, lukapwachaize busihu [our mother’s small board has troubled us, we have smashed it in the night),” Hichilema said in apparent reference to last minute attempts by the PF to bribe Kangombe to defect to the ruling party after he was allegedly misled to a hotel where he was said to have met some PF officials on Wednesday night.

He revealed that the UPND had made an official complaint against the assistant returning officer, a Mr Manzi, who works for the Ministry of Agriculture for being associated with the PF and was allegedly used to rig the Mangango by-elections.

“We have politely informed the ECZ to remove him. We will formalise it in accordance with the electoral Act. So we will not be acting outside the law. We are law-abiding,” Hichilema said.
On the elections in the DRC, Hichilema said he was using the language of “we are here to winning the elections in 2021” deliberately as nothing would stop the opposition from defeating the PF.

And Kangombe said it had been quite a difficult time withstanding the pressure of the Patriotic Front.

“From now on to my supporters, to the UPND family, not just here in Sesheke because I am not representing the people of Sesheke alone, I am representing the youths of Zambia; let’s carry this country on our shoulders together. Let’s stand together, let’s remain united, let’s fight this cancer. The Patriotic Front has brought corruption,” he said.

Kangombe said he withstood the pressure of the PF and showed them that there was still someone who could not bow down to such pressure because he loves Zambia.

“The only political party that can liberate this country is the UPND under our able leader Hakainde Hichilema,” he said.

Victor Kalimukwa is contesting the seat on the UPPZ ticket while the PF is being represented by Dean Masule, who was by press time filing in nominations for the race which is expected to see four political parties contesting.

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