PF government is a total joke, says Belemu

MBABALA UPND member of parliament Ephraim Belemu says the PF government is a total joke.

Speaking on the People’s Debate programme on Pan African radio yesterday, Belemu, who is also UPND chairman for tourism, charged that Zambians were enduring a “painful episode” under the current government.

“[When] PF came, it (governance) became a total joke! This is where we are today; total joke! We are talking about the country and it is a tragedy in everything – tragedy in the economy, human rights, in the social set up, tragedy in the religious sector now,” Belemu said.

“It’s an offensive episode that we are going through as citizens, painful episode because we are talking about a country. This has never been the Zambia that we all knew or we were born into.”

And Belemu noted that it was not a perception but reality that the UPND held the majority in Southern Province, in terms of elected officials.

“We run all the councils in the Southern Province! We run the council chambers in the whole province…. In a healthy democracy, there would have been nothing wrong with people accepting that these particular councils, these particular constituencies are run by members of parliament who belong to party XYZ, in this case the UPND,” he explained.

“So, this thing of trying to victimise constituencies, regions or speak ill about regions because people there voted in a particular pattern, is a clear indication of primitivity.”

Belemu added that Zambians must not underestimate the question of leadership and “in this case at the presidency and those that hold executive power.”

Meanwhile, on former UPND vice-president in charge of politics Dr Canisius Banda’s assertions on Wednesday on the same People’s Debate that the opposition party’s leader, Hakainde Hichilema, and his party lieutenants were a tribal clique, Belemu said Dr Banda’s mental outlook was worrying.

“Dr Banda is not somebody I came to know via the UPND [but] he is somebody that I knew from our DK [Secondary School] days – we were in the same intake at DK and we finished Grade 12 together. Eventually in later life, I interacted with Dr Banda…. I want to say that Dr Banda is becoming an embarrassment to a number of us who were at David Kaunda Secondary School. For him to begin to talk in the manner that he is talking, it’s worrying and it should worry the medical profession in this nation,” said Belemu.

“My disappointment is that Dr Banda wanted to bring the confusion which is in his head to the running of the UPND. UPND is an organised party. Even when we form government, we will still continue to be organised and decent enough.”

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