UPND dead scared of its shadow, says Mbewe

UPND is dead scared of its shadow no wonder it’s creating stories and finger pointing in Sesheke, says PF central committee member Kebby Mbewe.

In a telephone interview after PF candidate Dean Masule successfully filed in his nominations for the February 12 Sesheke parliamentary by-elections, Mbewe – the campaign manager – refuted UPND claims that PF attempted to buy its candidate Romeo Kangombe.

“We have never approached the UPND candidate and if we wanted him we would have gotten him without fail,” he said. “Us the PF, we don’t buy people and there is nowhere where they sell people and no one sells people. The UPND is just dead scared of its shadow no wonder they have started creating such stories.”

Mbewe said PF could not associate itself with people with characters that the community did not agree with.

He said the opposition had run-out of stories to tell the electorates no wonder they had to come up with such gimmicks of finger pointing.

Mbewe challenged UPND to engage in an issue based campaign and not character assassination that had no impact on the challenges facing the citizens.

He said the people of Sesheke had suffered enough and it would be imperative for the opposition to give them a break to choose a candidate that would help deliver the much desired development.

“A lot of people including the indunas are telling us that they want development because the years they have spent in the opposition has been a waste of time,” Mbewe said.

He accused the UPND of instigating intimidation tactics after realising that it had nothing to offer the people.

“Just on the day of nominations the UPND convoy bashed two people and also harassed some of our members which is not good,” he said. “Why should people’s lives be put in danger over elections? As PF we shall not be intimidated by anyone whether it’s in UPND stronghold or not. We shall follow what the law stipulates.”

Mbewe called on Zambians to condemn the UPND tactics of violence.

He said Sesheke residents were happy that now they had an opportunity to choose a candidate who would have no problem working with the government.

“The successful filing in of nominations of our candidate means that the journey for the ruling party to win the seat has started,” he said.

Mbewe said fortune seemed to favour PF in the bye-elections going by people’s complaints that they were tired of being in the opposition without seeing benefits.

He charged that the opposition UPND had nothing more to cheat the electorates in the area because it held the seat for the past 15 years without delivering development.

“In all areas luck is with us because the people are complaining that there is no development in Sesheke and this is because they had no representation. All MPs they voted for belonged to the opposition and did not want to work with government, ” Mbewe said.

He said the decision people of Sesheke would make had an effect on their livelihood and the development of their constituency.

Mbewe said it would be unfortunate if voters in the area chose to continue suffering and opposing development from government by electing an opposition candidate.

He said the writing was on the wall that the opposition had nothing to offer the people of Sesheke.

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