Capitalist looters gaining foothold in DRC – Musumali

THE Socialist Party in Zambia says capitalist looters who killed Patrice Lumumba in 1961 and presently profiteering from the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s abundant natural resources are not ready to leave that strategic country’s suffering working class alone.

And the Socialist Party says the working class-led wave of deadly protests against Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir shows that Africans are tired of pro-business leaders who merely preach reforms against the economic deprivation created by capitalism.

Commenting on recent developments where one of the DRC’s opposition presidential candidates, Felix Tshisekedi, was announced ‘winner’ of the problematic presidential poll which had been severally postponed and mired in deadly violence, Socialist Party general secretary Dr Cosmas Musumali said capitalists had already gained a foothold in the DRC because of having capitalist puppets as leaders.

“In 1965, revolutionary and internationalist, Comrade Che Guevara, based on a progressive study of the existing material conditions in the Congo, left his ministerial position in Cuba to fight in what is now known as the DRC. The imperialist-inspired material conditions that existed in the Congo at that time are still prevalent to this day,” Dr Musumali said. “Commander Che was well-aware that the liberation of Africa could not be complete without the total liberation of the Congo. That is why he came into Africa to contribute to the people of Congo’s fight against imperialist and capitalist hegemony and brutality.”

He challenged SADC, which has proposed a government of national unity as a way of tackling the political tension in the DRC, to show the Congolese where negotiated settlements between capitalist-inclined political parties in capitalist-dominated Africa have successfully advanced the working class’ interests.

“Africa is in this mess because of negotiated settlements with monopoly capitalists under the current class dispensation. The dosage SADC is prescribing for the DRC is another misplaced opportunity at zoning in on the actual root cause of the problem. It won’t work,” Dr Musumali said.

He said the Socialist Party in Zambia had long been aware that any change of political leadership in the DRC not anchored on a working class revolutionary quest was mere political reform and one that was in the interest of what he described as the capitalist looters.

Dr Musumali said meetings in some regional countries aimed at looking at the DRC issues were of no use if the main agenda was not about defeating the capitalist onslaught on the African continent.

“Only socialist-led revolutionary leadership can squarely deal with the capitalists fueling the many proxy wars in the DRC. The people of the DRC are being forced to fight each other on baseless political contests which will ultimately usher in the same capitalist-client political leadership that will perpetuate the looting of that nation’s resources by these greedy capitalists,” he charged.

Dr Musumali pledged the Socialist Party’s solidarity to the oppressed working class in the DRC and urged them to mobilise, educate and agitate against capitalism.

“We are aware of the progressive efforts that are being constructed by the conscious and conscience masses of the DRC. It is work in progress but these are revolutionary efforts we shall help construct as a working class political formation here in Zambia. We draw this internationalist inspiration from Che Guevara,” he said. “In a few days from today, we shall be commemorating the murder of Revolutionary Commander Patrice Lumumba at the hands of the imperialist Belgian colonial forces, the CIA and the United Nations. Comrade Lumumba was murdered to ensure that leaders that get into power in the DRC henceforth are subjects of capitalists and imperialist interests. The capitalist looters who murdered Lumumba in 1961 are confidently gaining a foothold in the DRC.”

And commenting on the protests rocking the Sudan over the high cost of living and where the working class are demanding for resignation of President al-Bashir, Dr Musumali said the promise of ‘real reforms’ by President al-Bashir would not appease the aggrieved working and toiling masses in Sudan.

“The Socialist Party in Zambia has been following, with a lot of interest, what has been happening with the ‘Yellow Vests’ in France, and now we are seeing that similar developments are taking place in Sudan, where such protests are rarely tolerated by the regime,” he observed. “After failing to take off the aggrieved masses from the streets using police brute force, President al-Bashir tried to make some concessions to the working class by promising reforms. That won’t do because the world’s working class are now realising that capitalist-inclined politicians have duped them for so long. Only a working class-led revolution will do.”

Dr Musumali said what was happening in the DRC, France and Sudan as well as several parts of the working class world could be attributed to having leaders that lacked ideological clarity or were just ignorant sponges of capitalist and imperialist interests.

“Those who believe in nothing can fall for anything. In a class society, it is either you are the oppressor or the oppressed. There is no middle lane here. For the Socialist Party, there is no room to be lukewarm pacifists,” said Dr Musumali.

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