Mpezeni blames rights promotion for rising adolescence pregnancies

PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people has blamed the increase in adolescence pregnancies on the promotion of human rights.

Recently Eastern Province permanent secretary Chanda Kasolo revealed that the province recorded over 24,000 adolescence pregnancies last year.

Commenting on the matter, Mpezeni said traditional leaders always speak against teenage pregnancies.

“We normally talk against such things but again the law is against traditional leaders. People always say they have rights, so those same rights are the ones that have destroyed us. Kaili munthu aliyense

anama rights yake, lomba kuti ukamulabizye akakuuzye kuti ine nane ninama rights yangu, nthawi akakutwale ku court, soti kuchita monga ni politics kaili aliyense munthu anama rights yake (every person has their rights, now if you talk to a person they will tell you that they have their rights. They can even take you to court. Now it’s turning out to be like politics),” he said.

Mpezeni said nowadays even when one beats a thief they are held accountable.

“Nichimodzi-modzi kawalala waiba lomba kuti mukamunyate akuti munamulandu, akuti kawalala naye anama rights yake, mwamtimbilanji? So olo kuti tilabile chili monga nikugwira banthu pamenso( It’s the same when a thief steals; if you beat him, they will say you have a case. They say a thief has rights, why have you beaten him? Even when we talk it’s like just covering people’s eyes),” he said.

Mpezeni said certain human rights had taken away the powers of traditional leaders.

“We had powers that enabled us to control these things before the coming of these same unnecessary rights. There was nothing like a 12-year-old girl becoming pregnant. A 12-year-old child never used to know a boy or a girl, now these days at 12 years they impregnate one another because of the same rights. You can’t bend sweet potato without breaking it,” said Mpezeni.

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