Open defection moves LCC to close Chamba Valley Primary School

THE Lusaka City Council has ordered the closure of Chamba Valley Primary School in Lusaka for operating under unsanitary conditions.

LCC assistant public relations manager Brenda Katongola stated yesterday that the council had ordered the closure of the school for contravening provisions of the Public Health Act Cap 295 of the Laws of Zambia, Local Government (Solid Waste Management) regulations of 2011, and Statutory Instrument (SI) number 12 of 2018 of the Local Government Act number 281 on Street vending and nuisances.

Katongola stated that an inspection of the premises was conducted by the Public Health inspectors from LCC on January 15, to ascertain the prevailing health conditions at the school and discovered that the institution was operating under unsanitary conditions.

She stated that there was open defection around the school premises and no access to sanitary facilities for pupils as the toilets were closed at the time of inspection and there was no running water.

“Other findings were that non-subscription to waste management, dirty sanitary facilities (toilets) for staff, both male and female, no provision of waste receptacles in classrooms, poor vegetation control (tall grass), improper waste management (littered surroundings and use of a pit to dispose off waste) and no provision of hand wash facilities,” she stated.

Katongola stated that the school had been ordered to close until remedial measures are put in place and a re-inspection of the premises conducted.

Meanwhile, Katongola stated that the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between LCC and Parkrite Zambia had been terminated with effect from January 7.

“This is in accordance with clause 3 of the provisional termination breach clauses of the Agreement. However, Parkrite will continue operations for the next three months until 7th April 2019 within which they are expected to wind up their activities and handover the parking sites back to the council. The issue is currently in court. LCC and Parkrite signed the MoA on 12th October 2016,” stated Katongola.

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