DCs corrupted with PF politics, says Kalaba

DEMOCRATIC Party presidential candidate Harry Kalaba says district commissioners under the Patriotic Front government are corrupted by the ruling party politics and do not understand that they are civil servants.

During a talk show programme aired by Radio Ichengelo in Kitwe yesterday, Kalaba said district commissioners under PF have prioritised politics and campaigns instead of working.

Kalaba said the district commissioners were now in charge of organising people to dance at political rallies and were often involved in organising government vehicles for functions that were not benefiting the people.

He said district commissioners do not understand the concept of being a civil servant because they were often selected from either political choir groupings or from among political party youth chairpersons.

He said today’s district commissioners only politic and have forgotten ensuring that farmers get their inputs or bridges are well taken care of.

Kalaba said when given chance to be Republican president, he would ensure that all district commissioners come from the civil service.

“The only people benefiting and feeling good as civil servants, it’s the district commissioners because they are corrupted with politics of the PF. The only thing that they know is to politic, they do not know that their role is to go round and ensure that all farmers have received their farming inputs but the only thing they know is to be in charge of campaigns; organising women to go and dance at the airport. That is the problem we are facing and the civil service is suffering,” Kalaba said. “If I become president, I will ensure that all DCs come from teaching service or health. In short, they will be civil servants because if you have DCs who are civil servants, they will know the civil service regulations. These days’ DCs are only chosen from party choirs or if they were fighting more during campaigns and this has destroyed the civil service. If you have civil servants who do not know their jobs even if you talk they will not listen. The civil service is the country’s engine.”

And Kalaba advised civil servants as the country’s engine to behave in its representation of the government.

He said there was also too much suffering in the civil service because money they were getting paid was less and unable to take care of their families or even build houses for themselves.

Kalaba said the secret to developing a country was motivating the civil servants, especially teachers, nurses and police officers.

He said teachers were failing to work in Zambia and were going to other countries because the conditions in the country were unfavourable.

“I have always emphasised that if the country is to develop, civil servants need to be motivated so as to avoid brain drain. They are going to other countries because they are failing to teach in a country with unfavourable conditions and the only thing that is different in these other countries is just the leadership as everything is the same. If the economy is to grow, all civil servants should be well taken care of; rural hardship should be enough because you are busy giving ministers loans and not the civil servants,” said Kalaba.

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