U.S govt shutdown exposes capitalism’s unending crises – Socialist Party

DR Cosmas Musumali says the month-long Donald Trump-orchestrated U.S federal government shutdown where over 800,000 public service workers have gone for weeks without pay is an indictment on those neoliberal bureaucrats still living in denial that the end of capitalism is in sight.

Commenting on the unprecedented U.S government shutdown which arose after President Trump asked the Democrats-dominated Congress to approve a US$5 million financial request to help build a wall on that country’s border with Mexico, in a bid to stem the flow of immigrants from Latin America and the Caribbean, Dr Musumali, the general secretary of the Socialist Party in Zambia, said capitalists like Trump were quickly digging their way to their class demise.

“Thanks to capitalist greed and selfishness, the entire U.S government machinery has malfunctioned to a point where even those that want to marry their loved ones are being told to wait until the government shutdown is taken out of the way,” he said. “This federal government shutdown in the U.S is exposing the perennial crises of capitalism and this is the indelible proof to those capitalist bureaucrats in Africa who still want to hold on to the capitalist illusion that the end of capitalism is not right on our noses.”

Dr Musumali said some of these African capitalist bureaucrats were even misinterpreting the source of the difficult economic situations in progressive Latin American countries like Venezuela where the U.S’ interventionist policies in South America and the Caribbean had almost brought the oil-rich nation to its knees.

“For Trump, his fascists in Washington and his greedy capitalist compatriots on Wall Street in New York, the government shutdown is a tell-tale sign that your neoliberal interventionist policies in Latin America have boomeranged,” Dr Musumali said. “Suddenly, a nation that champions the false narrative that the demolishing of the Berlin Wall in 1989 signalled the end of communism, is now in a debilitating economic crisis and an administrative lockdown following attempts by her capitalist leader’s desperate obsession with the construction of walls to stop the flow of people into the U.S who are ironically escaping poverty created by the U.S’ interventionist policies in their resource-rich home-countries.”

Dr Musumali, however, said what was of concern to the Socialist Party in Zambia was that both the working class in the U.S and in countries like Venezuela, which were facing an economic attack from the U.S, were going through a lot of difficulties economically because capitalism does not offer any solution to the economic crises it creates.

“In the U.S over 800,000 government workers have gone for a month without pay. One can only wonder how they and their dependents are surviving. We encourage them to continue with their protests so that the government shutdown is done away with. The working class in the U.S should unite against President Trump and his capitalist cohorts and defeat capitalism once and for all,” Dr Musumali said. “Furthermore, while we acknowledge that the socialist forces in the U.S have been making inroads aimed at destroying capitalism, which is making them experience untold suffering as can be noted from the ongoing government shutdown, the path towards a working class-led revolutionary path in the ‘Belly of the Beast’ is very difficult but not insurmountable. On the other hand, the U.S working class should fight Trump’s barbarism at home so that the U.S desists from brutalising the poor working masses in Venezuela just for the sake of controlling the oil resource in the Bolivarian nation.”

He said the Socialist Party would not relent in its efforts to describe the U.S’ bullish tendencies in Venezuela and in most of Latin America for what it really was.

“We will make our contribution, insignificant as it may seem, to unequivocally condemn the U.S interventionist and banditry policies in Latin America and the Caribbean. We refuse to be apologetic in this revolutionary undertaking. We believe we have a correct interpretation of the existing material conditions for the working class in Latin America and Africa,” said Dr Musumali. “Our solidarity is extended to the entire working class force in the Americas, stretching from North to South America and the Caribbean. Soon and very soon the working class voices will resound across the Atlantic from Africa to Latin America and the Caribbean, punctuated by the ‘voices’ of our slave ancestors who drowned in that vast ocean as they were being shipped from Africa as capitalist commodities across a period of over 400 years.”

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