Lungu erred not to attend dialogue launch, says CCJP

CATHOLIC Commission for Justice and Peace coordinator Davide Pontino Phiri says President Edgar Lungu made a mistake not to attend the national dialogue launch on Friday.
The PF, President Lungu and some PF inclined political parties, including the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue did not attend the event that was moved by the three church mother bodies at the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross.
A day before the launch, President Lungu said from Ethiopia that there should be no winner or loser in the dialogue process.
In interview, Phiri wondered why President Lungu decided not to attend an important event like the launch of the dialogue process.
“It is not good that the leader of the nation shunned the national dialogue [launch] which was well known by everyone. As a leader, he must be present at any discussion that pertains to the affairs of the nation because he is a father of every citizen but if he keeps dodging such important meetings then what will the people think?” he asked.
Phiri said the step taken by the Head of State was a mistake and it should be condemned.
“It’s not okay, he made a mistake, sanacite bwino analakwa because we expect dialogue that will impress every citizen because there are a lot of issues to be tabled such as police brutality, corruption and other issues pertaining to our nation which are not good for our citizens,” he stated.
He urged the government to ensure the pride of the people was valued failure to which the nation is ashamed and disrespected.
“We expect justice to prevail in courts or other areas to see to it that a wrong person deserve condemnation but not a wrong people, because they have money become winners, no! Such steps do not work well for the people,” Phiri said.

And Phiri urged the government to consider hunger ravaged areas for relief food

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