Pay Zampost workers, Chilikwazi urges govt

UPND member Costain Chilikwazi has urged the Patriotic Front government to pay Zampost workers that have been going for months without salaries.

In a statement, Chilikwazi charged that the Ministry of Transport and Communications was being insensitive to the plight of Zampost workers by failing to pay them salaries.

“We have a government that is interested in increasing salaries for ministers without paying attention to the plight of majority workers in Zambia. We have a government that is talking about austerity measures when it comes to spending yet our leaders, including the First Lady are travelling out of the country with huge delegations. We feel that leaders should lead by example when it comes to adjusting on spending. Prices of essential commodities are skyrocketing and yet people are not being paid their hard earned meagre salaries on time,” Chilikwazi stated, who is a former Patriotic Front Kapiri Mposhi district vice youth chairman. “We cannot have a situation where employees working in a parastatal like Zampost, which falls under the Ministry of Transport and Communication, failing to pay workers for five months. This is unacceptable! Government is being irresponsible by failing to pay workers in parastatal companies. This situation has been allowed by an irresponsible Patriotic Front government. The Ministry of Transport and Communication is being insensitive to the plight of Zampost workers.”

Chilikwazi observed that workers that go without salaries could not execute their duties with motivation, adding that this was recipe for corruption.

“When workers are demoralised, they are not motivated by going without salaries for months and cannot discharge their duties diligently. This leads to low productivity in work places. This can lead to situations where employees start stealing and this has their potential, to lead to corruption,” said Chilikwazi. “Most of those people going without salaries are staying in rented houses and one wonders how they are able to survive without being paid for five months.”

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