EU contributes €100,000 towards abolition of death penalty campaign in Zambia

THE European Union has contributed €100,000 to support the campaign towards abolition of death penalty in Zambia implemented by the Human Rights Commission.

The funding is approximately K1,358,841.

According to a statement, the nation-wide campaign which started this week aims at increasing public understanding, appreciation and support towards abolishing death penalty both in practice and in law in Zambia.

And the EU stated that it had a long-standing relationship and cooperation with civil society organisations and had recognised their importance as partners in democracy, inclusive growth and sustainable development processes.

“In Zambia, the European Union decided in 2018 to contribute to this EU commitment towards civil society by enhancing the role and capacity of CSOs as actors in the promotion of governance and accountability interventions at local and national levels, and by promoting inclusive sustainable growth through skills development in favour of incarcerated populations and strengthening community response systems for their reintegration,” it stated.

It stated that a call for proposals was launched in 2018 under the “Civil Society and Local Authorities” budget line with two key priorities: the citizen engagement in deepening democracy and the re-integration of inmates in correctional facilities.

The EU stated that six projects were eventually contracted for €3.8 million.

The EU named the organisations and project as Alliance for Community Action who partners with Caritas Zambia under the project Ask Project! Growing civil society and citizen ability to demand public resource accountability, Mansa District Land Alliance who partners with People in Need under the project Strengthening citizen action to improve democratic governance in Luapula and Western provinces, Centro Laici Italiani per le Missioni Associazione (CeLIM) partnering with Prisoners Future Foundation under the project Abilitation and Reintegration of Offenders for a Sustainable Growth, Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) with Chreso Ministries under the Zambia Inmate Skills Training for Successful Reintegration (ZISSR) project, Development Aid From People To People In Zambia (DAPP) with partners PANOS Institute Southern Africa under the Incarcerated Populations Rights to a Productive Future is their Human Right project and the Undikumbukire Project Zambia (UP) with partner Build It Zambia under the Rise again: Supporting juveniles in conflict with the law for a successful reintegration into society project.

The EU stated that a direct award was also given to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for the support to refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo and host communities at Mantapala Settlement in Nchelenge District of Luapula Province.

It stated that €1 million would be channelled through civil society organisations that would provide a substantial support to the people in need in the education and water and sanitation sectors.

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