Kamalondo must go – Kafue council workers

(By Oswald Sichone in Kafue)


WORKERS at Kafue Town Council have appealed to the Local Government Service Commission to immediately transfer council secretary Aaron Kamalondo for allegedly failing to manage the council.

And the workers have gone on an indefinite strike demanding to be paid their six months’ salary arrears.

In an interview, the workers, who gathered at the Civic Centre demanding to be paid their salary arrears, refused to get the one month salary which the Kamalondo-led council management offered them.


The visibly annoyed council workers chanted anti-Kamalondo slogans and vowed never to resume work until they are paid all their arrears, which range from four to six months.


The council workers wondered why the Local Government Service Commission recently transferred 126 junior workers, leaving out senior council officers who have been making decisions which have led to Kafue Town Council to be financially crippled.


“Local Government Service Commission visited our council late last year and we thought it had come to put things in order but to our great surprise, they only transferred junior officers leaving out senior council officers like council secretary who has subjected us to untold misery and poverty. Our appeal to Local Government Service Commission is to remove Kamalondo from Kafue Council. We don’t want him and let him know that he is not wanted here at the council. He brags to have connections with big people but we will equally punish those big people during the forthcoming council by-election if they don’t hear our plea,” the workers said.


The council workers complained of tribalism at Kafue Town Council saying it was quickly becoming a workplace for one tribe.


“There are some council workers who were transferred by LGSC from Kafue Town Council but have refused to go because they are related to management. Some were moved to other departments, for instance, garbage collection because they have no tertiary qualifications but to the surprise of every one, council management has moved them to other sections like building department when they have no knowledge in construction,” the workers revealed.


The workers disclosed that Kafue Town Council was once financially stable  and things only changed for bad when Kamalondo took over from a Dr Kafula.


” Between 2012 and 2014, our council was one of the best local authorities in Zambia because we had a council management that wanted to develop Kafue. We are not saying that Dr Kafula should come back. What we want is a council secretary who will transform our council like it was five years ago,” they said.


The workers complained that they have been reduced to beggars in society because of poverty owing to non-payment of salaries.


Efforts to get a comment from Kamalondo proved futile by press time as his phone went unanswered.

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