Ngucha Energy sues Kambwili over alleged falsehoods

ROAN PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili has been sued in the Lusaka High Court by Ngucha Energy Corporation Limited who are claiming damages for injurious falsehoods after the former allegedly said the company belonged to President Edgar Lungu.

Ngucha Energy Corporation Limited, a distributor of petroleum products and lubricants as a well as retailer in the same products, is also claiming damages for loss of income in the sum of US$184,914.782.07.

According to a statement of claim filed in the principal registry, Ngucha Energy through its lawyers Milner and Paul Legal Practitioners, stated that Kambwili on or about December 4, 2018, on one of the programmes of Let the People Talk on Radio Phoenix published and issued a false statement to the effect that Ngucha was a company belonging to President Lungu.

Ngucha is also seeking an injunction to restrain Kambwili, who is also National Democratic Congress political consultant, his servants or agents to restrain from further publishing the same or similar falsehoods relating to the company in future.

Kambwili in justifying that his statement that the company belonged to the President said NGUCHA was made up of the words from the name LuNGU and CHAgwa, that NGU was from the name Lungu and CHA was from the name Chagwa.

Ngucha stated that Kambwili’s statement aired on Radio Phoenix and heard by millions of people and circulated through the social media was false and malicious and only intended to spread hate and discord about them for the latter’s own political gain.

The plaintiff stated that Kambwili did not bother or at all to carry out due diligence by conducting a search at PACRA, a public body for the facts to be set straight on the directors and shareholders of Ngucha and would aver at trial that the assertion was not true and are falsehoods as the company was not and does not belong to President Lungu.

Ngucha stated that contrary to the falsehoods, Ngucha was owned by two private persons who are not in any way related to President Lungu and who have no political inclinations whatsoever either to the PF or the President.

The plaintiff added that the company has been in existence as way back as 2010 even before the PF formed government and before President Lungu became a member of parliament for Chawama Constituency and subsequently President.

It further stated that prior to the incorporation of the plaintiff, there existed a sister company called Ngucha Enterprises Limited as far back as 2001 when President Lungu had not even been elected as member of parliament.

Ngucha stated that it wrote a demand letter to Kambwili on December 13, 2018 through its lawyers, demanding a retraction but he has not or at all been rendered.

The plaintiffs stated that the falsehoods in Kambwili’s statements had seriously injured their reputation and business standing, and adversely affected their business operation to the effect that the government through Ministry of Energy cancelled a contract recently won through a public tender.

They stated further that they have suffered loss and damage and also claims an apology through both electronic media used and in the widely circulated print media on the front page, interest on amounts found due and any other relief that the court might find due and costs.

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