Real Nkonde seeks suspension of 2019 league kick off

REAL Nakonde has petitioned the National Sports Council of Zambia to suspend the kick-off of the Super League in its transitional format until the cases involving the club and Malalo Police C and Kateshi Coffee Bullets FC are resolved in accordance with the laws of the game.

Club secretary and chief executive officer Roy Nyambe stated that the club lodged the appeal against decisions of the Football Association of Zambia and its judicial bodies which despite overwhelming evidence and against FIFA laws and regulations of the game and precedents have refused to award them three points after successfully proving that their opponents in the league games last season featured ineligible players.

Nyambe stated that the cases that FAZ was refusing to fairly adjudicate and follow laid down rules and regulations include Malalo Police FC verses Real Nakonde FC – FAZ Division One Zone three week two – April 7, 2018 fixture.

“In this game, Malalo featured Gift Mwaba who was not registered with them. FAZ in their own ruling of the Appeals Committee established that Mwaba shouldn’t have played in this match. The player belonged to Kasama Young Fighters. He was only registered in the FAZ online system in August 2018, five months after illegally playing against Real Nakonde. This finding was also established by the Players Status Committee of FAZ which sanctioned the player,” he stated. “However, the three points which were duly supposed to be awarded to us as per FIFA, CAF and FAZ rules have not been awarded. This is injustice which we pray the council will not allow.”

Nyambe stated that another game was the Kateshi Coffee Bullets FC versus Real Nakonde FC – FAZ Division One Zone Three week 26 (October 21, 2018) game.

He stated that Kateshi featured Philemon Chola who was not eligible to play.

Nyambe stated that while the points for this case have been awarded to Real Nakonde, FAZ decided to extend the gesture of giving free points to all the clubs in the league.

“This, we understood from the case records and course of events of our cases, was meant by FAZ to disadvantage us and deliberately deprive us of a deserved place in the Super Division. Documents, rules and regulations of FIFA and FAZ are available to show why three points must be given to us for the game against Malalo,” he stated.

Nyambe stated that Real Nakonde was forced to file the appeal with the NSCZ because of the failure by FAZ to constitute an Arbitration Tribunal.

He stated that FAZ had acknowledged this failure in their letter of January 21, 2019.

Nyambe stated that this failure should not deprive them of justice and their rightful place in the Super League.

“We, therefore, pray the Sports Council directs the Football Association of Zambia to halt the start of the league which is scheduled for this weekend, 27th January 2018 as a whole or suspend the fixture involving Prison Leopards FC who knowingly or unknowingly were granted promotion in violation of the laws of the game and us being duly accrued points,” he stated. “As the league is suspended or fixtures involving Prisons Leopards, we pray that the Sports Council conducts a review of our case with FAZ which can also be ordered to constitute a tribunal to conclude the matters under review. Failure to have all judicial bodies operational with their term of office in its final months is gross negligence, unacceptable and an affront to good governance and development.”

Nyambe stated that record of illegality and abuse of football laws and regulations by the current FAZ administration was immense.

“To cite a few cases, the FAZ league starting this weekend is also an illegal undertaking. It has not been approved by the FAZ Council which is the only body mandated to restructure the league. A new league entity has also not been created. Further, the Super Division is not licenced as required by FIFA and CAF. Added to the above, this FAZ has cost the country millions in FIFA funding because of its failure to comply with FIFA funding regulations, which include failure to submit FAP reports. They have also failed to adhere to the FAZ constitution dictates to hold provincial elections. They have also failed to convene an Emergency AGM as they promised last year when they faced impeachment motions from members,” stated Nyambe.

“The record above was highlighted to the Sports Council to demonstrate to them the wanton disregard this FAZ administration have for the law and we pray that our case does not pass as any one of those many cases they have disregarded.”

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