Lungu is a hypocrite, liar; he doesn’t mean what he says

After many statements inviting the Church to counsel him and other politicians on matters of national interest, today Edgar Lungu is refusing to attend and recognise its dialogue.

What does Edgar really believe in? His mouth and his mind or brains do not coordinate. He speaks nice words with his mouth but his heart is telling lies.

Here is the catalogue of Edgar’s hypocrisy, deception and lies:
On December 7, 2014
Edgar Lungu, as the presidential candidate of the Patriotic Front, challenged the Church in Mansa not to be afraid to engage and counsel politicians.

He was speaking when he attended Mass at the Catholic Cathedral Assumption of Mary in Mansa.

“The Church should be fearless when addressing politicians, as they (politicians) were also part of their community,” said Edgar. “So as Christians, do not hesitate to bring suggestions and contributions to the politicians because we are part of your community.”

On January 17, 2015 Edgar appealed to the Church for spiritual guidance to help deliver Zambia peacefully after the following week’s presidential by-elections.

In a letter to United Church of Zambia secretary general Reverend Dr Peggy Kabonde on the church’s Golden Jubilee, Edgar stated that politicians rely on the Church to counsel all of them to avoid any action and behaviour that may put the security of the country at risk.

Edgar stated that the interventions of the Church to help the state resolve the many challenges that afflict the people such as prevalence of poverty, illiteracy, early marriages, poor sanitation, unemployment, corruption, poor social services, HIV/AIDS, gender based violence, and child abuse, among others, are commendable.

He stated that the leadership of the Church is critically needed to entrench the desired virtues of integrity and ethical conduct.

On February 12, 2017, Edgar asked the Church to counsel some opposition political party leaders who have failed to accept him as Head of State.

Meeting clerics from different denominations in Luapula Province Edgar said the Church should bridge the gap between political adversaries for the nation to progress in unity.

Edgar said he and government were part of the Church and the two institutions should work as a unit and encouraged Christians to join politics to bring sanity in the realm.

On February 2, 2018, Edgar urged the Church to be proactive in advising politicians to accept election results and work with government in improving people’s lives.

Meeting the clergy in Chibombo, Edgar said the Church has a duty to counsel politicians on matters of national interest.

On June 23, 2018 Edgar called on the Church in Zambia to take the pending national dialogue process seriously.
Edgar urged the Church to continue praying for the dialogue to take place so that it is successful.

Speaking when he officiated at fundraising walk for the completion of the United Church of Zambia Office Complex in Lusaka, Edgar advised the Church to continue providing spiritual guidance to the leadership in the country by praying for Zambia’s peace, unity and love.

These are the words of the man who is refusing to attend the Church-led dialogue!
Where is his claimed trust and belief in the Church?

What Edgar has been looking for from the Church is not guidance but support.
Today when the Church is trying to give the guidance he has been asking for Edgar doesn’t want it. Where has his trust and belief in the Church gone to?
The truth is Edgar is simply a hypocrite, liar and a crook. We are calling him crook because he crooked a client of his law firm and stole his money.

Edgar’s nice religious words mean nothing – follow his deeds (James 2: 14 – 26)

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