Pro-PF pastors accuse Church of failure in dialogue

A GROUPING of Patriotic Front aligned pastors have accused the Church of failing to bring peace to Zambians.

Speaking through New Congress Party leader Pastor Peter Chanda at a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday, the grouping said leaders of the three church mother bodies should not be trusted with a national dialogue as their spiritual standings were questionable.

He charged that leaders of the three church mother bodies had confused and questionable political allegiance.

“I have a lot of respect from the Church because I come from the Church. I am in politics to redefine the art of politics, to create a better Zambia by ensuring that politics is considered as simply a game of policies and not a game of fists,” Chanda said. “I want to state that it is sad to note that the national dialogue that was intended to bring all political party players together has been sabotaged and hijacked by men of the collar who are masquerading as church leaders.”

He said the three church mother bodies should reflect on their leadership.

“I strongly believe that the current leadership that is sitting on the three church mother bodies has failed the Zambian people in uniting the country. For this reason, I call upon the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ)… I know that the current board chair is not the final authority, he is being elected and I know that the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) current board chair who is Bishop Paul Mususu, we already know his allegiance and his political allegiance,” he alleged. “We already know that Bishop Paul Mususu is a man that is confused. I don’t believe if the Spirit of God is still living in him.”

Pastor Chanda further questioned whether the symbolic pouring of salt on fire by the three church mother bodies during the launch of the dialogue was biblical or not.

He said it was an occult practice with no spiritual backing.

Pastor Chanda alleged that some politicians who were present had a satanic background with evil practices that should not be entertained.

“God gives rain both to the wicked and to the righteous. In the same vein, that is the mandate of the Church. The dialogue that was purportedly launched, for me, I don’t regard it as a national dialogue. It was just one of those meetings. I don’t know, whether it was a kangaroo meeting or a meeting with a particular segment,” he said. “First and foremost, the practices that happened within that church leaves much to be desired just like Reverend [Moses] Lungu said that we should not use witchcraft. First, what is the spiritual significance…Bishop I stand to be corrected, what [is] the spiritual significance of fire being brought in the church and salt being poured on that fire in the church? That is an occult practice. And I want to state that it is on that basis that the righteous invention of truth campaign that we have begun. We are going to petition the Pope, we are going to petition the main body of the CCZ, we are going to petition the main body of Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia because we believe the practices that the church enacted, they need to give us the spiritual backing as to where the scripture states that the church should be able to act in that manner.”

And Bishop Jevan Kamanga said the call to dialogue was noble but that it had been adulterated by selfish individuals.

He charged that the gathering of the 10 opposition alliance partners was a grouping of some plunderers in the privatisation process.

“The agenda is to wrestle power from the hardworking President [Edgar Lungu] and government for their selfish reasons. They are prepared to call President Lungu and government corrupt, they are prepared to call him uncaring, not fit for the office and all sorts of names just to paint him black for the sake of it,” Bishop Kamanga.

“The call to dialogue is something which was a noble call but has been adulterated by selfish individuals who were trusted by the masses to run these mother bodies. You want to reconcile the family but you call the mother and the children without their father and you call that progress! What kind of counsellors are you? What kind of mediators are you? You are simply aligning yourselves to the wishes of one spouse and the children against the father of the house. That is a recipe for crisis!”

Kamanga said the Church was a good institution but selfish individuals had taken it hostage.

“We all know that it is a good institution but selfish individuals are trying to hide behind the Church in order to push their agenda. We all need to open our eyes and see the enemies of development. Their agenda is very clear for all to see. Let us not be swayed by those whose selfish motives are clearly seen. We have a country to build for ourselves, our children and our children’s children,” Bishop Kamanga said.

He appealed to President Lungu to seek guidance from God.

Evangelical Youth Alliance leader Reverend Moses Lungu appealed to politicians to stop using witchcraft as a means to get into leadership.

He said instead, politicians should use relevant influences to win Zambians’ hearts.

“It is a very good thing to desire to be a leader but it is another thing to check your motive as to why you want to be a leader. You want to be a leader to serve the Zambian people in a democratic society… In a democratic society you have to sell your agenda, you need to convince the people of your ability that you will be able to serve, to provide service as opposed to becoming a monster,” said Rev Lungu. “…some of the leaders in the opposition are actually worrisome because of their attitudes. They manifest certain trends that do not inspire the younger generation. They are preoccupied that when they get to State House they would sell this country either to America or to other Western allies. Please opposition leaders, cushion your appetites. 2021 is not very far, take your time to preach peace and stability. Show the people your vision. Stop using witchcraft as a means to get into leadership [but] use relevant influences that will win you the confidence from the Zambian people.”

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