Trump’s fascist aggression on Venezuela will flop, says Musumali

SOCIALIST Party (Zambia) general secretary Cosmas Musumali says US President Donald Trump will be made to retract his recognition of a neoliberal puppet as president of the Nicolas Maduro led oil-rich Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Reacting to an incident where Venezuela’s National Assembly president Juan Guidao on Wednesday ‘swore’ himself as that country’s ‘interim president’ in a street inauguration in Caracas, Dr Musumali, an economist, said it was laughable that Trump, an individual causing debilitating economic harm to the US working class masses through a greed-inspired unprecedented government shutdown, was trying to impose a puppet leader in democratically-governed Venezuela.

Over 800,000 federal workers in the United States had until Saturday not received their second monthly salary following an unprecedented government shutdown caused by President Trump’s propensity to construct walls on the southern border of the US to stop the flow of immigrants from Central and South America.

“Comrade Maduro is still the President of Venezuela following his election to a second term of office, and we as the Socialist Party (Zambia) recently, through the party’s 2021 presidential candidate Dr Fred M’membe, congratulated him over the confidence the Venezuelan working class forces have placed in him,” Dr Musumali said. “So, where is this ‘interim president’ coming from? There is no leadership crisis in Venezuela for someone to go on the street and declare himself president when there is already a duly-elected President of the Bolivarian Republic. Actually, it is our strong view that it is the US, thanks to capitalist Trump’s barbaric leadership style, where there is a serious leadership crisis. The masses of women who took part in the annual march in several parts of the USA recently have confirmed this reality.”

He said inasmuch as the Venezuelan working masses were experiencing a dire economic crisis triggered by the interventionist tendencies of the same USA, which he said did not spare a second in recognising a puppet leader, Venezuelans would never surrender their revolutionary credentials to the capitalist bureaucrats eager to stage a street coup so that their US masters privatise Venezuela’s oil wealth.

“Successive US presidents have always salivated for Venezuela’s oil and they have fanned political confusion to divert the working poor of Venezuela away from their path towards a revolution that ensures that the capitalist tentacles in that country of Commander Hugo Chavez Frias are uprooted,” Dr Musumali said. “The only sin that the people of Venezuela have committed, that they can even be insulted by having a leader ‘imposed’ on them from the corridors of the Capitol [Hill] in Washington and the Pentagon, is insisting that the people, and not capitalist privateers, control their oil wealth.”

He said the leftist forces on the African continent would soon plant their feet on Venezuelan soil to chorus a high note of solidarity with the Venezuelan people so that Trump and his capitalist puppets in Caracas realise that the Venezuelan working masses were not alone in their relentless fight against US capitalist aggression.

“Trump and his Vice-President, Mike Pence, all their lackeys in the Americas, will be made to swallow their endorsements of those spineless puppets in Venezuela. We will make sure that the voice of the African leftists is heard loud and clear. We are unequivocal in our support of the leadership of Comrade Maduro and we pledge our undying solidarity to the multitudes of that county’s working class masses who have continued to rally behind our comrades in Venezuela,” Dr Musumali said. “The Socialist Party (Zambia) also pledge undying solidarity with the federal government employees in the US who, due to Trump’s failed leadership, have gone for over a month without getting their pay cheque following an unprecedented Government Shutdown driven by Trump’s fascist tendencies.”

He urged the working class in the US to join forces and ensure that they boot out Trump at the next election, about two years away, or else they will go down with the crisis-laden capitalism and its adherents like President Trump.

“In this regard, we are delighted that Comrade Maduro’s government, through the Venezuelan military, have held steadfast in defending the Bolivarian revolution while those capitalist puppets continue counting the number of capitalist or client nations recognising their illegitimate claims to political leadership,” said Dr Musumali. “We are proud that the people of Venezuela are vowing to put Trump to shame by defending their revolution. We stand with them through and through. The struggle continues.”

Whereas the Venezuelan military have backed President Maduro, he has in turn accused the opposition of trying to dismember Venezuela by tolerating the notion that Washington can choose who to lead the Latin American nation. The opposition is calling on other countries to imitate the U.S.A and recognise Guaido as ‘interim president’ while the number of pro-government protesters swells on the streets of Venezuela.

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