We are on the knife edge; facing an uncertain future

“Maybe we are going to crash at Knife Edge Bridge…
What we are seeing now is the result of poor planning by PF,” says Edith Nawakwi.

We are indeed on the knife edge – in a difficult or worrying situation of which the result is very uncertain.
We are facing an uncertain future.

In politics, being a leader doesn’t just fill a position, office or title. One must have the capacity to lead.
What we are seeing in Zambia today are the effects of poor political leadership.

Edgar Lungu has no capacity to lead a troubled country like ours with such high poverty levels, unemployment, maternal mortality rate, birth rate, infant mortality rate and so on and so forth.

A person who could not manage a small law firm or himself is the one you give the responsibility to manage this complex country!

The fault does not lie with Edgar. It lies with his sponsors in the Patriotic Front and the voters of Zambia.
Those in the Patriotic Front who supported Edgar’s leadership did so for very selfish reasons. They knew very well who Edgar was and his low capacity. But they thought his low capacity would work to their advantage – they would easily manipulate him to get what they want, enrich themselves. Yes, they have gotten what they wanted – high government offices and money from all sorts of corrupt deals. But where have they taken the country or left it? In veritable chaos!

This is not leadership for a country. It’s destruction.

Edgar’s poor leadership is today characterised by his lack of ability to provide direction, which stems from his own lack of vision. And because of this, even the very few good people in his government don’t seem to understand what they actually need to deliver.

As a result of poor leadership, there’s serious lack of coordination in Edgar’s government.
Being a bad leader, in most instances, Edgar only looks after himself.

And Edgar has never taken responsibility for what is not going well in the country.

When things go wrong, a good leader should accept shared responsibility, instead of simply foisting the blame on others. A leader should do their part to fix problems.

All that we see and hear from Edgar is pomposity, arrogance, threats. To him being president is everything.
No leader is perfect, and each one has his/her own strengths and weaknesses. An effective leader, however, takes the time to analyse where they are weak so they can take measures to mitigate or prevent these issues from affecting the nation, the people.

Most people know that it’s important to vote for good political leaders. There are all kinds of positive outcomes associated with focusing on voting for those with greater capacity to lead.
But what happens if you don’t? As we are today witnessing, poor choice of political leadership can be detrimental to the country.

As we have seen with Edgar, it doesn’t take long for a culture of bad leadership to become toxic.
It’s hard to maintain a good demeanor in a culture that is consistently negative, inept, corrupt. Remember the old adage about one bad apple ruining the whole bunch? There’s a reason that anecdote has been around for generations.

Unfortunately, in politics it’s not always easy to undo a bad choice of leadership. By the time they are removed the country and its people would have paid a very high price.

Clearly, poor political leadership can destroy a country. It leads to mismanagement of the country’s resources, financial and otherwise.

Edgar was certainly a very wrong choice for the Patriotic Front and Zambia’s topmost political leadership. Edgar has destroyed many things in our country – the economy, the politics, the rule of law, the values and standards.

Edgar has completely destroyed our multiparty system. He has introduced a very high level of intolerance and violence in our politics. And his love for violence is seen in the number of violent elements he has surrounded himself with and has appointed to very key government positions or ministries.

What we are seeing today is what happens to a country when values are lost, principles are traded on the altar of political expediency and standards are compromised to accommodate corruption.

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