FAZ fines Luchanga, Nsofwa

THE FAZ player-status-committee has fined Lusaka Dynamos players Conlyde Luchanga and Mwansa Nsofwa K10,000 each and ordered them to compensate Power Dynamos for breaching transfer regulations.

The two players purportedly ditched Dynamos during the offseason for the club’s failure to pay them salaries for seven months and joined Power with whom they did the pre-season training before Dynamos took the matter to the David Simusamba led committee.

Simusamba in his findings ruled that there was no evidence to prove that there was mutual consent between players and the club (Dynamos) to terminate contracts even if their resignation letters were delivered at Football House.

Simusamba found Nsofwa to have breached article 12(2) of the transfer regulations which states; “A club with which he (player) wishes to be registered when informed of the player’s intentions, should not take him on except on presentation of a transfer certificate from his current club signing conclusion of the transfer.”

Simusamba stated that his opinion was that Power’s move to take on Nsofwa without carrying out due diligence was ultra vires article 12 (2) of the regulations.

Simusamba further relied on article 12 (1) in delivering his judgment, which says any player wishing to change his club shall inform the club by registered or recorded delivery letter of his desire to leave.

“Clearly in the facts before me, there is no evidence suggesting that the foregoing regulation was complied with. The fact that copies of the purported letters of termination were delivered to FAZ as evidenced by the date stamps of FAZ on them does not prove that they were actually delivered to the Respondent club (Dynamos) in accordance with article 12 (1) cited above. Coupled with the evidence that the first player (Luchanga) continued to feature in official matches for the Respondent club after the date of the purported notice, I am inclined to believe the Responded club when they say they never received the notice,” Simusamba ruled in part.

He stated in his ruling delivered Monday that evidence before him showed that the two players had running contracts with Dynamos of up to 2020 and 2021 respectively.

“In conclusion and for the avoidance of doubt I decide as follows, That the players herein mentioned are for all intents and purposes the Respondent’s players with running contracts, that the contracts between the complainant club are ultra vires article 12 (2) of the regulations and therefore null and void. It is recommended that each player be fined K10,000.00 each…that each player is able to compensate the complainant club for its expenses as the parties may agree,” ruled Simusamba.

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