I’m not a pretender, says Kambwili

I CANNOT resign from PF because I am not a copycat, says Chishimba Kambwili.

The National Democratic Congress consultant and rebel Roan Constituency PF member of parliament says he is not like those that “can deceive people by resigning when they knew that there was a letter to be fired from government waiting for them.”

Kambwili, who was challenged to resign from the ruling party and vacate the seat by PF secretary general Davies Mwila just like Harry Kalaba did on Tuesday, said he would not do so because he was not a pretender and deceiver.

He alleged that Kalaba resigned his position as foreign affairs minister in 2018 after learning that President Edgar Lungu was scheduled to fire him.

In welcoming Kalaba’s resignation as PF member and its Bahati Constituency member of parliament, Mwila challenged Kambwili to also resign from the PF instead of clinging to his seat through the courts.

“Tell Mwila, the PF and whoever, that I am not a copycat, I am not a pretender, I am not a chancer and I am not a deceiver. I cannot in all my political life know that tomorrow I will be fired and then resign two days before,” he said. “I can never do that because that is deceiving the people.”

Kambwili claimed that he would not be one who would resign after being expelled from the party as the case with Kalaba.

“I cannot be expelled today and tomorrow I go in public that I have resigned. That is deceiving and being a chancer, hoodwinking the people to believe that you have integrity. I am a very straightforward politician. I believe in calling a spade a spade and not a pick for the sake of impression,” he said. “Those that can deceive the people by resigning when they knew that there was a letter [for them] to be fired from government must not be role models because such people are deceivers. And by the way, when you go to all the ministries where I have worked, when I was removed people became sad. The mood at the ministry was low as they said ‘we have lost a leader, a brother’ but ask others wherever they worked when they were removed and resigned people celebrated, including their own drivers and secretaries.”

Kambwili further said some people aspiring to be national leaders were far from it as their record in dealing with people and their subordinates was nothing to write home about.

“Such people abakwata imitima iyibi kwati ni ndoshi [bad hearted people like witches] should not come and cheat the people of Zambia that they can rule Zambia better when given a ministry abantu balikatile ichinga ukwakaba [people under subjugation]. People could not even go to their offices but today they want to cheat the people that they are saviours and care about the people!” he remarked.

Kambwili said unlike him, Kalaba could not challenge his expulsion because the PF followed the laid down procedure to oust his from the party.

He said his case was different because the party constitution was not followed when he was expelled hence his going to court.

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