We expect the best Sibote tells Nkwazi

DEPUTY Inspector General of police Eugene Sibote has commanded Nkwazi FC to be nothing but the best this season.

Speaking when he launched the new kit for the team in Lusaka, Sibote said Nkwazi must this season represent Zambia in the CAF tournament without fail.

And Sibote has warned Forest Rangers who are Nkwazi’s opponents this Saturday in the Week Two transitional league encounter that the police outfit will beat them.

He has also promised the team money if they beat Rangers.

“When we are coming to face your teams out there, when we are coming to beat you in your home ground, this will be our kit when come to beat you. With this we will do our best, hard work starts now. Results have to start flowing now,” Sibote said.

“Forest, we are winning you with this one. And on behalf of the Inspector General, when our team wins this game, just to show our commitment, we will give you a K10,000.”

He said nothing other than top performance was expected from the Zambia Police sponsored team this season.

“It is not going to be accepted, and mark my words, this season for us to be the tail enders of the league. We want to be the ones on top, every team that plays football, only features 11 players on the pitch Nkwazi not being an exception and if other teams feature 11 players and we feature 11 players my belief is our players can be the best players,” Sibote said.
“We need to see the goals and we need to deny our opponents to take advantage of us… all the teams in the league, watch us out, here we come, we will do our very best this season. We want to see the goals and police command will render the necessary support. If other teams can represent us [Zambia] in the CAF tournaments, we also must be able to represent as well and I believe this season we must be those representatives. If any team must represent Zambia in the CAF tournament, let that team be Nkwazi, no other team but Nkwazi.”

He told the players that they had what it took to play good football and bring the desired results.

“There is no player I have ever seen with three legs. The fact that you too have two legs and everything that these players have means that you too can be the best. Work hard, sport unites us. Make sure the trophies are here,” said Sibote.

“This is a big boost to the police family because it pushes us to perform better, to every sportsman, the kit and the appearance on the pitch is also part of the winning formula and I believe what we have here is part of that winning formula.”

Zambia Police national sport coordinator Adrian Kashala, when he introduced the kit to Sibote, said the kit dealer would sell the replicas for the club.

“We are men in uniform and our kit needed to bear the Zambia Police brand and today Sir, in front of you, you have the playing kits for home and away and the other one is for the goalkeeper and also the training kit. And Nkwazi has also been procured truck suits as well as backpacks and camping kits and we have over 900 replicas in our storeroom,” said Kashala.
“This deal was brokered through Nkwazi FC through my office and YESU sports kit dealer who came in to sponsor our kit and in turn, they will sell their replica from which they will recover their monies.”
The two-year kit deal is approximately worth K250,000.

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