PF needs to be broken down, says Kambwili

By Oliver Chisenga in Kasama
KAMBWILI niwe Sata atushila, tulubule tata, Marketeers of Chambeshi in Kasama told the opposition National Democratic Congress consultant.
And Kambwili says the PF walls need to be broken down to build a structure fit for Zambians.
After a radio interview at Lutanda Catholic Radio station, Chishimba Kambwili toured Chambeshi Market where he received a thunderous welcome from traders.
Speaking on Lutanda Catholic Radio, Kambwili pleaded with the PF to stop stealing and channel their energies to alleviating the suffering of the majority Zambians.
“Ba PF, ifi balechita kubuta, baleyangasha ichalo…chimo napamansansa balekasanya ubutungulushi. Nga mulekula inganda elo mwamona ichibumba chaongama (they are playing around with the nation, it’s the same as a child’s play, they are cheapening leadership. If you are building a house and you notice that the wall is bend), what do you do? Break the house down and start afresh. PF needs to be broken down,” Kambwili said.
“You are in power to take care of the people, please stop stealing, have mercy, aba bantu balanda lekeni ubupupu leteleni abantu ubutungulushi (people are poor, stop stealing, give the people leadership.”
Kambwili, who was on a tour of Luapula and Northern provinces, lamented the poor state of the economy saying President Edgar Lungu and the PF were preoccupied with enriching themselves.
He said the country would have been better if Zambians did not take long to vote Michael Sata into office.
He further urged the listeners not to make the same mistake they made by rejecting Sata amid sufferings until he grew old.
“We lost the leadership that should have changed the country in Michael Chilufya Sata because you take long to make up your mind…vote for me while I am still young so that I can serve you. You have an opportunity to change this country,” he said.
Kambwili was saddened with poor civil servants’ wages which he said were a source of migraines.
He said the salaries were a source of worry for civil servants because it was not commensurate with today’s living standards.
“Umulandu wama taxes ukufula ba teacher, ba nurse, ba civil servant bonse balalwala imitwe nga bafola pa monthend pantu tabeshibe ifyo balachita nolupiya…lwachepa elo ukwakutwala kwafula. Umuntu uulebomba alefilwa ukukumanisha kwena kuti mwatila ichalo chileya kwisa (because of too many taxes all civil servants suffer headaches when they get paid because they do not know what to do with the money as it was too little while the needs were many. Someone is working but they are failing to manage, then where is the country going? ” Kambwili wondered.
He explained that under his leadership, he would restore the confidence of the civil servants by increasing their wages just like president Sata’s government did.
 He regretted that ministers gave themselves a salary increment of 300 per cent while the civil servants had not been given any meaningful upgrade.
Kambwili also took time to explain the objectives of the opposition political parties’ alliance, which he said was not created for purpose of merging but to tackle common injustices at the hands of the PF.
Asked if the parties would think of merging to have one candidate for the 2021 general elections, Kambwili responded, “If that’s the wish of the people, who are we to refuse? But for now we are in the alliance to look at issues like the public order Act, media freedoms, among other things.”
And Kambwili brought Kasama Central Business District and Chambeshi Market to a standstill.
As his entourage drove into the market, traders and onlookers had an opportunity to complain to him on their sufferings.
Senior citizens surrounded his car crying for his audience until he was forced to step out of his car.
He greeted people and walked to the section where fish was sold to have a chat with traders while he encouraged them that a better life was coming.
“Niwefye tata ukatulubula, Sata niwe atushila ala twachula. Eekateka uyu, niwe tulefwaya, twalyumfwa efyo wachita ku Roan, ala ifwe kuno niwe President (it’s you to redeem us, you are the one Sata left for us, we have suffered indeed. This is the president, it’s you we want, we have heard what you have done in Roan Constituency. For us here, you are the president),” the Marketeers said.
It took Kambwili almost an hour to make his way out of Chambeshi Market owing to the number of people who wanted to speak and or greet him.
He urged traders and residents to contact the provincial leadership to join the crusade to kick out PF.
“We are on a recruitment drive, lembesheni mujoine NDC na Kambwili pantu ubu ubutungulushi bwa PF-MMD nga bwapita nafuti mukamba ukulya abane benu kunsala (join me so that we remove the PF-MMD government because if they win again, you will start eating your own children because of hunger),” said Kambwili./SM/LM

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