Vice-President Wina underwent small surgery in India – Kasolo

INFORMATION permanent secretary Chanda Kasolo says Vice-President Inonge Wina is in India where she underwent a “very small routine operation” and was out of hospital less than 48 hours.

He explained that contrary to malicious people peddling cheap lies that Vice-President Wina was evacuated for specialist treatment, madam Wina had a little challenge with one of her limbs which she wanted looked at.

Kasolo said those who were peddling cheap lies should have verified with government.

“Madam Wina has always used a particular doctor and she always goes for her checkups to the same doctor in India. So what she has done is use the opportunity to go to India to do two things. One, she has a little challenge with one of her limbs which she wanted looked at. It’s a very small routine operation which she was in hospital from
operation to coming out less than 48 hours. She was discharged and she went to stay in a hotel close to the hospital. She could have come back
but her doctor of course considering that our Vice-President is not a young lady, she is 79, so the doctor insisted that she has a complete
course of physio in India and then she can come back,” he explained.
“So that is what it is. It’s very disappointing indeed that malicious people, evil spirits can peddle such cheap lies for political expediency. You know facts are facts. They could have approached the Ministry [of Information and Broadcasting] which is headed by Honourable [Dora] Siliya, they could have approached the ministry to ask for facts. Other than that they could have approached the Vice-President’s office, they could have spoken to PS Mwansa and they could have gotten the facts instead of speculating
in tautology of lies.”

Kasolo said the Vice-President was very well and she went to India on a normal commercial flight and she would come back on the same.
“All of us Zambians, we must appreciate the fact that we are lucky to have the Vice-President with such an advanced age who is so wise, so
knowledgeable and yet so approachable and performs her duties very well. We should thank God that we have such a Vice-President,” said Kasolo.

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