I won’t call those stealing in govt saints; they are thieves, says Kambwili

(By Oliver Chisenga in Kasama)

I WILL not call those in government who are stealing saints; they are thieves, Chishimba Kambwili told Kasama residents.

Addressing Kasama residents who lined up to greet him at various intervals, Kambwili – the PF rebel member of parliament – vowed not to stop calling named leaders in the ruling party thieves.

Kambwili who was meeting NDC party members in Luapula, Muchinga and Northern provinces, urged citizens not to be used and dumped by untrustworthy and corrupt leaders.

“Umuntu nga aiba ulefwaya ukumwita shani…ati Yesu? Nga watila umuntu aleiba kumwita shani (if a person is stealing, what do you want to call him? Jesus? If you say someone is stealing, what do you call him?) This is the problem we have in this country; we don’t want to call issues as they are. Ine ukweba abantu ati niba kabolala nshakaleke mpaka bakaleke ukwiba. Ine balinchinta investigate nga balefwaya bakanjikate nga naliba. Ukweba abantu ati aleiba telusele (I will never stop calling them thieves until they stop stealing. I have been investigated and if they want they can arrest me if I have stolen. To call someone who steals a thief is not an insult),” Kambwili said.

Kambwili told on the people to realise that things were bad and that they were the ones that make leaders become stupid.

“Lilya intungulushi ileluba, ileiba imwe muleitasha (a leader is stealing and messing things but you are applauding them),” Kambwili said.

He also told the people that if they experience much hunger in the country and things generally going worse, they should know that the government had failed.

Kambwili said it was the government’s duty to make laws and conditions for people to lead better lives.
He said a government that fails to provide better schools, hospitals, was a useless one.

Kambwili reminded Kasama residents that the suffering of Zambians was man-made.

He said leaders in government had unjustified wealth, which they never had before they became ministers or President.

Kambwili insisted that President Edgar Lungu, up to now, had not told Zambians how he became so rich immediately after being voted Head of State.

“There are people who prior to being minister didn’t even have a bicycle [but] are now donating huge sums of money to Churches and various institution…. I have nothing against donations but I have everything against their source of income just after being a minister for two years, aba bantu ndelandapo niba Pompwe (thieves),” he said.

“Nangu tulande pali ba President wesu nalibepusha, nanomba ndabepusha nati wafunya kwisa K23.5 million muli one year? Nalibepusha nati twebeni uko mwafunya K23.5 million belifilwa ukwasuka…so kuti twashila abena Zambia ukwipusha uko bafuma K23.5 million (for example, let’s take our President, I have asked him where he got K23.5 million within one year of being in State House and he has failed to answer, so we will leave it to Zambians to ask him). So what is happening now is merely thieving.”

Kambwili said if the Head of State could fail to fight corruption, it meant that it was an open for all activity.

He reminded Zambians that during Dr Kaunda’s reign, a leadership code was in effect and unjustified donations were questioned.

Kambwili added that even calls for those who are in government to be subjected to a lifestyle audit had been swept under the carpet.

“Indalama ishifwile ukuya ku Chipatala, ukuwamya ifipatala baleiba balebika mumatumba yabo umulandu wa Corruption. Iseni twimane akapi, batuchusha ba Pompwe aba (money meant to go to the health sector, for medicines is being stolen, it’s going in their pockets because of corruption…. Let’s unite, we have suffered at the hands of these thieves,” Kambwili said.

In Mungwi, Kambwili encouraged members to make the party strong and rooted in area.

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