IBA orders suspension of ‘Lusaka Hustle’

THE Independent Broadcasting Authority has directed MultiChoice Zambia to suspend the ‘Lusaka Hustle Reality Show’ on Zambezi Magic with immediate effect.

This follows public outcry that the show promotes a lifestyle contrary to Zambian values and culture.

A photo circulating online shows a man Mukuni Mulundika, better known as Kuni, in a skimpy dress, Cleo Ice Queen and another woman, Thandi, is lying on what appears to be a massage bench. Members of the public allege that one of the female actors remarked that ‘in this room we are three ladies’, which they say was promoting homosexuality given the presence of the man.

IBA director general Josephine Mapoma stated yesterday that the authority had further received several comments from the public concerning the show and has directed MultiChoice Zambia to withdraw the ‘Lusaka Hustle Reality Show’ in public interest.

“Section 24 (1) of the IBA (Principal) Act, 2002 provides, ‘All programmes by a commercial broadcasting service shall, subject to the conditions of a licence and regulations of the Authority – (a) reflect the culture, character, needs and aspirations of the people in the areas that they are licensed to serve’,” she stated.

Mapoma further urged local producers produce content that reflects Zambian culture as well as take into consideration Zambian laws.

She urged television stations acquiring local content to preview all content to ensure that it was in line with the Zambian culture and suits the needs of all consumers.

Head of Zambezi Magic Timothy Okwaro over the weekend expressed regret on the social media post, which he said misrepresented the content of the show.

“Lusaka Hustle is a locally produced reality show which follows the lives of three Zambian celebrities who regularly appear on television. The suggestion that the show advocates or promotes any particular lifestyle is an unfair misrepresentation,” he said.

Okwaro added that Zambezi Magic was “deeply respectful” of Zambian laws and culture.

The actors under the controversy are Cleo, Kuni and Thandi.

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