Kambwili wants to be Hichilema’s running mate, says Chabi

CHIPILI independent member of parliament Jewis Chabi says National Democratic Congress political consultant Chishimba Kambwili should concentrate on negotiating to become the UPND 2021 running mate instead of engaging into a fight with: “people who are not even interested to go into battle with him.”

Last week, The Mast quoted Kambwili saying he could not resign from the PF because he was not a copycat.
Kambwili added that he was not like those that: “can deceive people by resigning when they knew that there was a letter to be fired from government waiting for them.”

Harry Kalaba resigned as a foreign affairs minister on January 2 last year and went on to resign as Bahati PF member of parliament on January 29 this year.

Reacting to Kambwili’s remarks that were apparently directed at Kalaba, Chabi charged that Kambwili, who is Roan PF member of parliament, had got: “too many problems on his plate that he is supposed to attend to” than begin to fight individuals who were not even interested to engage in a fight!

Chabi lamented that it was very unfortunate that Kambwili wanted to make everybody an enemy.

“You can’t play politics like that. It’s like he doesn’t have a direction now; he wants to fight everybody – even people who are not interested in fighting him he wants to extend a fight. What has Harry done to ba Kambwili? Has ba Kambwili heard Harry mention his name from the time he resigned from government? No!” Chabi said in an interview.

“So, for ba Kambwili to react in the manner he did is very unfortunate. Harry has not taken the stance he has taken to begin competing with ba Kambwili but to provide proper leadership that is lacking in this country. He has an objective and he knows what he is doing but Mr Kambwili doesn’t have an objective; today he is fighting this one and the other day he is fighting that one. I thought ba Kambwili has got too many problems on his plate that he is supposed to attend to than begin to fight individuals who are not even interested to engage in a fight!”

He wondered how Kalaba’s decision to resign affected Kambwili.

“The problem is that…. I don’t know if it’s jealous or something else! Even if he gets affected [by Kalaba’s decision to resign], these are politics! When he says Harry was supposed to be fired, he is telling a lie. He doesn’t know what he is talking about!” he said.

“When Harry resigned last year as a Minister of Foreign Affairs, I was with him. Even when State House was making phone calls to him to make sure that he rescinds his decision, I was with him. Some of the calls were coming to me to talk to him so that he can rescind his decision. So, if Harry was supposed to be fired the following day, why didn’t Amos Chanda say that Harry has resigned because the President was supposed to fire him the following day? Wherever ba Kambwili got that story from….”

And Chabi disclosed what Kambwili confided to him at Parliament buildings.

“By the way, ba Kambwili confided in me at Parliament and because he wants to fight everybody, I’m going to disclose this; he confided in me at Parliament that he (Kambwili) cannot win elections in 2021 and so, the only thing he can do is that he wants to negotiate to become the running mate for Hakainde Hichilema. Let him refuse that he didn’t confide that to me!” Chabi noted.
“So, let him concentrate on negotiating to become the running mate for UPND and not start fighting people who are not even interested to go into battle with him. In any case, ba Kambwili is a politician and Harry is also a politician but I’m sure these two don’t belong to the same political league.”

Chabi pointed out further that Kambwili should not be engaging Kalaba in: “petty issues.”

“No! Let him concentrate on his problems, otherwise he will open a Pandora’s box that he will not be able to…. We have so many problems in his country that we should attend to with the seriousness and vigour that they deserve and not this trajectory ba Kambwili has started,” said Chabi.

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