Kalaba expulsion is good riddance, says Mulongoti

GOVERNING PF member McDonald Mulongoti says Harry Kalaba’s expulsion is good riddance.

On January 26, the PF, through its secretary general Davies Mwila, announced the expulsion of Kalaba from the ruling party.

Until his expulsion, Kalaba was Bahati PF member of parliament.

But addressing journalists at Hotel InterContinental in Lusaka on January 29, Kalaba indicated that he did not wish to challenge the PF’s decision to expel him.

He announced that he was resigning from the PF with “jubilation in my heart.”

“I will spare the courts the drama of adjournments and injunctions,” Kalaba said in his speech.

In a press statement, Mulongoti stated that deranged PF members ought to be dealt with severely before they could disorient more party members and other unsuspecting people with the view to “further tarnishing the party’s good image.”

Mulongoti lauded the PF central committee for expelling Kalaba who, according to him, “was masquerading as a party member.”

“His departure is therefore good riddance,” Mulongoti stated.

He added that it was wrong for Kalaba to insinuate that he resigned from the PF when he was, in fact, expelled.

Mulongoti, a former Chingola mayor, stated that the only difference with Kalaba’s resignation was that he was not challenging his expulsion from the PF like “Kambwili who still postures himself in a straddled manner.”

“Hitherto, Kambwili still resists his expulsion from the party through legal recourse yet goes overboard disparaging His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the entire PF; his actions are totally inimical to the values of the party and amount to cowardice because he always contradicts himself,” Mulongoti stated.

“Kalaba saw that weakness in his fellow rebel Kambwili and outshined him though discontented with the central committee’s outcome.”

And Mulongoti stressed that all PF members had an obligation to market the party in view of the “numerous developmental projects taking place throughout the country and also defend His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the party at large against incessant attacks.”

“Suffice to say that our party is headed for victory in 2021 as the general Zambian citizenry appreciates good government efforts to develop the country,” stated Mulongoti.

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