PF lacks political will to fight corruption, says Chilikwazi

UPND member Costain Chilikwazi has charged that the current Patriotic Front leadership lacks political will to fight corruption.

Chilikwazi observed that the current PF leadership was rhetorical in terms of fighting against corruption as opposed to being action-oriented.

He charged that Zambia’s latest ranking on the global Corruption Perception Index was a serious indictment on the PF leadership.

“The recently launched global Corruption Perception Index report where Zambia has continued to rank poorly is a serious indictment on the PF leadership. And this is not surprising because the current PF leadership has exhibited highest levels of rhetoric on the fight against corruption instead of being action-oriented. But this is worrying because most individuals engaging in corrupt activities are in government and quasi-government institutions or parastatals,” Chilikwazi said.

“The PF-led government has failed to demonstrate there’s political will in the fight against graft. In other ways, the current Patriotic Front leadership lacks political will to fight corruption. We need strong leadership that is committed to fighting corruption.”

Chilikwazi called on law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate and prosecute corruption cases.

He said it was unfortunate that corruption had been institutionalised in government institutions.

“The PF government should be serious about fighting corruption. Similarly, law enforcement agencies like the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Drug Enforcement Commission should be proactive, investigate corruption cases thoroughly. We need to see these institutions investigating and prosecuting all cases of corruption. Unfortunately, corruption appears to have been institutionalised in this country. We can comfortably state that Harry Kalaba who resigned [his ministerial position] by citing high levels of corruption in the PF government and Chishimba Kambwili who has constantly said that there’s corruption in the PF have been vindicated by that global Corruption Perception Index report,” Chilikwazi said. “In the same vein, I would like to urge law enforcement agencies to ensure that they thoroughly investigate reports of mealie-meal smuggling on the Copperbelt Province involving one Ndola based PF councillor and the report that has resurfaced that some PF officials in Ndola have been soliciting bribes from mealie-meal smuggling.”

Meanwhile, Chilikwazi implored Zambians to ensure that individuals holding public office were held accountable.

“We need to provide effective checks and balances to the people holding public office. The electorate have a duty to ensure that individuals holding public offices are held accountable. We should not relent on this noble cause,” added Chilikwazi.

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