Govt probing Scott over Sata death certificate

DORA Siliya says Cabinet Office is investigating how Dr Guy Scott came into possession of a copy of Michael Sata’s death certificate which he has published in his book “Adventures in Zambian Politics: A Story in Black and White”.

The chief government spokesperson told journalists yesterday that the government has learnt that former Republican vice-president Dr Scott published Sata’s death certificate in his book.

“It has come to our attention as government that in a book published by former vice-president Guy Scott, there is publication of copy of the death certificate of the late president of Zambia Mr Michael Chilufya Sata. Clearly, this is a very sensitive matter. We have since seen that the late president’s son has reacted negatively to this matter,” she said.
“As government, through Cabinet Office, we are quite interested to establish what actually happened. Did Dr Scott come into position of this certificate by virtue of him having acted as president and once that came to an end, he took this copy without authority? Or is it that somebody in the [Sata] family availed it to him when he was publishing his book? We all know as government officials [that] once we leave, our oath of secrecy does not end immediately – there is over 25 years that you are bound by that oath of secrecy.”

Siliya noted that the government wanted to find out what really happened. 

“As government, through Cabinet Office, they are making an investigation so we can establish whether the former vice-president took this unlawfully by virtue of him having served as [acting] President at that time or whether somebody did give him with authority…. So, we’ll wait for Cabinet Office to do their investigation,” she explained.

Asked about Nigerian television show “Keeping it real with Adeola” in which the presenter discussed first lady Esther Lungu’s receipt of “retired” fire engines from the United States last month, information permanent secretary Chanda Kasolo chipped in and said: “I have seen the video. Honourable minister; that video I don’t think it is authentically from Nigeria. It is created here by those that are enemies of the government.”

Siliya, on the matter, said: “Even if it was from Nigeria, we are not the spokespersons of Nigeria and there are a lot of things happening in Nigeria that they are known for world-over….”

“A little patriotism sometimes helps! If somebody says ‘let us help [you with fire tenders], only unreasonable people would be saying what this country is saying,” said Siliya.
“What they say, how does it influence us? Only Zambians vote for a government here. Only Zambians know what they need here and the sufferings they’ve gone through in terms of fires.”

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