It’s seldom good politics for opposition leaders to attack each other – Msoni

NATIONAL Democratic Congress political consultant Chishimba Kambwili says opposition Democratic Party leaders are political toddlers who are doing child’s play.

But All People’s Congress (NDC) president Nason Msoni says it is seldom good politics for opposition political leaders to go for each other’s throats.

Over the past few days, Kambwili and Harry Kalaba’s Democratic Party (DP) leaders have engaged into acute verbal exchanges, ostensibly on who is more politically original than the other.

On Tuesday, The Mast quoted Chipili independent member of parliament Jewis Chabi saying Kambwili should concentrate on negotiating to become the UPND 2021 running mate instead of engaging into a fight with: “people who are not even interested to go into battle with him.”

Last week, The Mast quoted Kambwili saying he could not resign from the PF because he was not a copycat.

Kambwili added that he was not like those that: “can deceive people by resigning when they knew that there was a letter to be fired from government waiting for them.”

Harry Kalaba resigned as a foreign affairs minister on January 2 last year and further resigned as Bahati PF member of parliament on January 29 this year.

Kambwili called The Mast yesterday and said: “The DP have reacted! My only answer to them is that I have no time to waste on people who want to have political identity using my name.”

“I’m too busy with organising the NDC! If you have seen my political life, I avoid at all costs to attack members of the opposition. But when people start speaking in innuendos, we hit back. Those are political toddlers and so, you don’t waste time on political toddlers. Mr Sata used to call them political Under-five but for me they are political toddlers abalebuta (who are doing child’s play),” charged Kambwili.

“Politics tekubuta (is not child’s play)! I have no time to pick up a quarrel with them. Who is Judith Kabemba (DP spokesperson) in politics to be arguing with? Who is [Jewis] Chabi to be arguing with? Those are supposed to be arguing with my ward and branch chairmen [because] that’s their level.”

But in an interview over the NDC and DP exchanges, Msoni observed that it was “a terrible indictment” for opposition political leaders to be quarrelling.

“We think it is seldom good politics! It is a bad political ruse which collectively undermines public confidence in the entire political leadership of this country. Needless for me to remind my colleagues that the Office of President they’re seeking and vying for is about having the infinity to take criticism and pain coupled with restrained temperament,” Msoni said.

“It smacks poor judgment and redundant of thought and essentially is playing in the hands of the moribund and redundant PF.”

Msoni underscored that the collective focus and political resolve should be the consolidation of the “rank and file for possible regime change.”

He added that Zambians were anxious for an organised opposition grouping offering an alternative government to: “the failed, corrupt and extravagant PF government.”

“Fighting amongst ourselves both weakens and distracts us, thereby diverting us from pursuing the bigger picture. It’s absolutely distressing to see and hear fellow opposition leaders washing dirty linen in public,” he lamented.

“Our unsolicited counsel to colleagues is that they should stop washing dirty linen in public or risk becoming a laughing stock. Same goes for the other moribund and redundant politicians whose only preoccupation and agenda item is to attack opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.”

Meanwhile, Msoni pointed out that the increasing number of “hired mercenaries” by the PF government should be a source of concern and the compelling factor for authentic opposition political parties to double their effort and stop the entrenchment of a dictatorship.

“Dictatorships do not blossom and mushroom on their own; they’re nurtured and massaged by disoriented political elites who only care for their own personal comfort at the expense of the masses,” noted Msoni.

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