WE are not sleeping – Kalaba

WE are not sleeping; we are all over the country telling our people that the good of this country has not yet been defined, says Democratic Party president Harry Kalaba.
Kalaba, who featured on Prime TV’s Oxygen of Democracy programme on Monday night, explained that the opposition DP was not deregistered as claimed by a Ministry of Home Affairs press statement last week.
“It can only be deregistered if the courts say so. It’s the courts who can say that we are deregistered but the courts have not said anything of that sort; we are still waiting to go before the Court of Appeals. We are still waiting for notice before the Court of Appeals, which has not yet come through,” Kalaba, a former Bahati PF member of parliament, said.
“So, my advice to our colleagues is that if you really want to bring us down, take it take easy – just follow the law and we’ll see what happens. But I can tell you that there is a God in this nation who sees that injustice doesn’t prevail.”
He wondered what wrong the DP had done to warrant the kind of treatment it was being given by the government, through the Ministry of Home Affairs.
“What wrong has the Democratic Party done? Just by taking on Kalaba Harry as presidential candidate! Simply because they have identified quality in Kalaba that this is a person that Zambia can want to be their President? Can that be a problem, honestly?” he asked.
Kalaba said all those who were hell-bent on extending spite and wanting to bring others down should not go far.
He added that Zambians were now more alert and that the amount of support that the DP was receiving was huge.
“Probably that explains the fear from the PF. But the PF should have known that there was that song, I don’t know who sung that song… Ati imilandu yonse walepanga balekwelela but apa tabakwelele (you were pardoned of all the offences you committed but you won’t be pardoned now – lyrics of a song by Wile),” said Kalaba.
“It’s the same with the PF; if it survived with other people, it will not be [the same] with DP. They (the PF) are going in 2021 and we are not even joking. We are doing everything within our powers. We are not sleeping; we are all over the country telling our people that the good of this country has not yet been defined. I now that the best is yet to be seen in this country.”

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