PF official calls for Sesheke reinforcement of 70-70 boys from Kanyama to deal with UPND

(By Edwin Mbulo in Sesheke)

BRING Kanyama boys here especially the 70-70 so that he can whip foolish Sesheke UPND members if we are to win this by-election, a PF official by the name of Mwanza has told his superior in Lusaka.

According to a conversation with unknown senior PF official in Lusaka, Mwanza, who said he was in-charge of security for the ruling party in the Sesheke by-election campaigns, is heard degrading the PF youths who have been sent from Lusaka’s Intercity Bus Terminus as being kids who are just drinking beer in Sesheke.

“I have seen bene Ronica and the team baja ba kudala (those old members) they are the ones terrorising here in Sesheke…you tell the SG

(Secretary General), let him go kwa Kanyama, go and talk to the constituency chairman…let them release my boys 70-70 to come and reinforce. His Excellency (President Edgar Lungu) will be here pa 8 (February) from Mulobezi…now you just get bafana ba mu Intercity, those are kids, they don’t have skills, they don’t know how to fight, bring Kanyama boys, 70-70, let them come here and kwapula (whip) these ma fonteen ababa (foolish people),” Mwanza said.

He added that he was not happy with what was happening in Sesheke as the UPND was too strong for the PF and alleged that it (UPND) had sent into Sesheke youths from Livingstone, Choma and also Kanyama.

Mwanza also demanded that the ruling party releases more funds for the campaigns in Sesheke ahead of the by-election scheduled for February 12.

“Tell the SG ba kambe na ba kulu uko (to talk to senior PF leaders there). Let them release money…these boys you have brought here are not working, they are just drinking beer. They are not working I am not happy at all. I am reporting to you now, I am not happy…you cannot take elections as casual…you know Sesheke has 9 wards, especially Sesheke central where you have 7, 900 registered voters that is the backborn of winning the elections. If we can protect Sesheke Central, we come to Katima and Nakatindi, it means we are home and dry. Not musanga (rural), you take people musanga where there are 1000 votes, there are no people in the bush,” he said.

“Please na papata (I beg) tell the SG that ba Mwanza ba kamba (has said), especially me, who is covering security, my life is not with me now,” said Mwanza.

Meanwhile, PF cadres in Sesheke are living in fear and have accused the UPND of witchcraft following a lightening strike that killed one and injured seven cadres from the ruling party.

Western Province police commissioner Charles Zulu confirmed the incident which happened in Nayanda Village in chief Silumbu’s area in Sesheke.

Zulu said eight people were present when the lightening struck while other had gone to campaign.

He said a woman died of severe burns while others sustained serious burns and we’re currently hospitalised.

According to a PF youth in Sesheke, Kabukabu Musialela, several PF cadres who were residents of Sesheke had abandoned campaigns for the February 12 by-elections.

“We are in fear after the lightening strike and many of our cadres, especially the elderly women and men, have since left the campaign camp. We believe the lightening was sent by the UPND or relatives of their members who have been beaten by our Lusaka youths who are here,” Musialela said.

He added that it was feared that the issue of witchcraft would worsen as February 12 approaches.

Musialela further revealed there are plans for more Lusaka youths to arrive in Sesheke with President Edgar Lungu today (February 8).

“We here that more of our Lusaka youths are coming in and will remain even after His Excellency has left. They will be here until after the elections,” said Musialela.

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