Put your ‘weapons’ down, Mumba urges MMD members

NEVERS Mumba has called on real MMD members to put their weapons down and give an opportunity to the courts of law to guide the former ruling party on the issue of its presidency.

Mumba, the MMD president, says he has rebelled against retrogressive politics.

Featuring on Hot FM radio’s Hot Seat programme yesterday, Mumba explained that the court case between him and Felix Mutati over who should be MMD president was in capable hands of the courts.

On Wednesday, cadres from Mutati’s faction went to United Voice Radio in Lusaka with the hope of chucking out Mumba from the studio where he was speaking on a programme dubbed Add your voice.

The cadres claimed that Mumba was an illegitimate president of the MMD who should stop representing the party at any forum.

But Mumba said: “First of all, I want to clarify that those were not cadres.”

“[But] they were picked from somewhere else and it’s not the first time that innocent children have been picked to play a role in satisfying someone’s political ambition. If the courts of law do not pronounce themselves to this matter, I can assure you from my own experience of what I have seen… This is not the first time this has happened ever since I was president,” Mumba said.

“Once the courts have spoken themselves to this matter and resolve this matter that is troubling people in the party, reconciliation of any sort would happen after the court judgment has been given. We are almost there; we have actually come to an end of our witnesses and we think that the court is determined to bring an end to this.”

The opposition leader asked all MMD members to tone down, “be patient [and] wait for the courts.”

“It gonna be soon and there is no need to kill each other. These are matters that the court is capable of handling and therefore I call on all our members across the nation to remain patient. We have waited for two and half years – we can wait for another six weeks to finish this matter,” he noted.

“Let’s stop all this thing of fighting one another; we are one family. We are a people that can resolve our issues as intelligent and responsible people. So, I call on all those who consider themselves members [to] put your weapons down. Let’s give an opportunity to the courts of law to give us guidance.”

Mumba added that what happened at United Voice Radio on Wednesday was shameful and unnecessary.

“They (Mutati’s cadres) didn’t achieve anything! You’ve never heard me send cadres to go and embarrass Honourable [Felix] Mutati, even as he has broken every regulation of our party,” he said.

“They had an illegal card renewal in Chipata, they had an illegal card renewal in here in Lusaka [and] none of our people went to disturb them.”

Mumba explained that he had rebelled against retrogressive politics.

He said he was only going to do politics as God guides him.

“I’m not going to do politics because someone does it in a certain way and I imitate. You have to know that God called you as an individual to participate in a process – you are not going to be doing somebody else’s politics,” said Mumba.

“So, in my politics I’m gonna be firm as an opposition leader on things that I believe in and things I do not believe in. But to be firm does not mean to be careless and reckless in the statements you make. I’ll go out of this country and be a greater ambassador for my country because Presidents come and go, governments come and go. The country shall remain….”

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