Headline Matters with Chambwa: Mission and Vision

There is clutter in my mind right now. It seems I worry about gibberish stuff as much as I do on essential matters. How else can someone explain the fact of me sustaining migraines on account of seeing newlyweds head into their matrimonial home? I worry about tall and short people, I worry about dark and light skinned Zambians, I worry about the poor and the rich, I worry about the corrupt and those who are not, I worry about those who are educated and those who are not, I worry about beer and soft drinks, I worry about the fertile and infertile, and I worry about the political and apolitical. Ummmmm! But why worry about all these issues?
Yes, I worry about the hungry in villages and compounds and still worry about the constipated in uptown residential areas. I worry about those with and without shelter, with and without access to clean drinking water, I worry about violence and peace and I worry about death and life. I simply worry about my worries!
This can’t make sense to you and maybe it doesn’t have to. How can an ordinary fellow like me be worrying about stuff that is beyond my control? Even if it was within my capability, why worry as if all human beings are under my charge. That’s not the point, albeit.

Everyone has what worries them. Others are/were worried with the matters surrounding the production of that drink, Power. Others are worried about winning and losing power, others about what programme is being ‘banned’ from airing on TV. It’s simply a life of uncertainties! It’s voting day after tomorrow in Sesheke Constituency and some wards in selected districts of the country. So, there is worry among participating political parties.
But what about those of you without worries, including him; what do you live for? Worries give headaches but some are a form of solidarity to humanity and therefore obligatory. Join me to worry about the poor in Isoka, Sikongo, Mbala, Chadiza, Chongwe, Kalomo, Mpongwe, Luano, Chavuma and Chienge. It’s worth it. The argument, I surmise, is ‘how does worry help the situation of the victims?’ The answer is another question; how does not worrying help the situation? Worry obviously compels you to think of a way out – even little, directly or indirectly.

We must all have a mission on earth and leave a mark. Worry about others but don’t engage into my odd and close-to madness kind of worries. Worry about what is thinkable and strive for a solution, it doesn’t matter the amount or size.

I will continue worrying. If the Anti-Corruption Commission delays to investigate a case where an apparently constipated public officer misuses public finances meant for the poor, I will worry. I will worry about every mistreatment of anyone genuinely seeking a living using decent means. Mind you, exactly 690 days from today, it will be Friday, January 1, 2021.

I have no problem being the only worried Zambian. If those who should primarily be worried about what I worry about are not worried, I will worry about them. What mission and vision do they have for Zambia? If they are visionless, there must be repercussions. Anyway, my Vision 2021 is showing me a lean political carcass of a liar being taunted. It’s exactly 913 days remaining to Wednesday, August 11, 2021, the polling date. For now it’s tick, tock. If there will be cheating in favour of either the opposition or the ruling party, I will continue worrying as part of my mission and vision on earth. Hahaha!

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