Kalaba canvasses support, blessing in Luapula

(By Chambwa Moonga in Milenge)

DEMOCRATIC Party president Harry Kalaba on Friday evening told residents of Milambo chiefdom in Milenge district of Luapula Province to vote for him as a Republican president in 2021 and open up the area to concrete development.

Speaking in Icibemba, Kalaba said he was a son of Milenge and that he was requesting for electoral unity between him and people in Milambo chiefdom.

“I’m the president of the Democratic Party (DP)… I’m a son of the land here and I’m requesting you that we unite so that we can have development. Nga kwaliba incende iyashalila ni ino ine tuliko (if there is a place that is lagging behind in terms of development, it’s this same place),” Kalaba told scores of people who gathered outside the palace of Judith Musumali, the designate senior chieftainess Milambo of the Ushi people.

The former Bahati PF member of parliament and ex-foreign minister sympathised with the crowd where some members complained about agricultural-related matters.

“Look, people have not received fertilisers up to now. Some people have not been paid by the Food Reserve Agency for the maize they sold last marketing season. How can people here be able to send their children to school under such living conditions?” he wondered and further lamented the appalling condition of the Chembe – Milambo – Mansa road.

“Umuchele ukufina baumfwa kuusendela (the weight of a bag of salt is felt by the carrier). It’s you who are suffering and emulandu wine mu 2021 mukemye chipipya (it’s for that reason that you must stand up en-masse in 2021).”

Kalaba further told the cheering supporters that the DP’s symbol was a key.

“So, let’s use the key and open up Milenge to practical development. When you vote wisely in 2021, it would mean you have opened Milenge district to real development and your dignity would have been guaranteed and certainly restored,” said Kalaba.

“So, all I’m asking is your support so that as I move, I’m blessed. Be free; this is your country!”

Later that evening, Kalaba made a stop-over in Lwela area within Milenge and greeted a sizeable group of supporters.

“If you miss this chance of siding with the DP, you would have missed on so many things. Call things by their right names and let’s work together,” he said.

Kalaba was transiting into Mansa.

Meanwhile, senior chieftainess designate Milambo said: “Harry Kalaba is my son and our relationship isn’t like a puzzle.”

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