Some chiefs are compromised, worse than cadres…cant lead dialogue process-GBM

SOME Chiefs today are worse than cadres, they are the most compromised human beings and cannot lead the dialogue process, says Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

Responding to calls by chief Chikwanda of the Bemba-speaking people in Mpika who said traditional leaders should be tasked to lead the dialogue process, Mwamba said most of today’s chiefs do not speak for their subjects but for themselves.

He wondered how traditional leaders would doubt the integrity of the church today when records showed that they had done it before.

“In my view, I would not support chiefs leading the dialogue process…some chiefs today are worse than even cadres; they are the most compromised human beings.

They are not speaking for the people; they have started speaking for themselves so that Edgar Lungu could buy them vans and give them brown envelopes,” Mwamba said.

“How could they doubt the integrity of the church today? How could the chief do that? If you have seen today, most chiefs are compromised…where there is a brown envelope, there is a car, they will be supporting PF. They have stopped doing their role of defending the poor, of defending their subjects but are defending their tummies today. There are very few chiefs today who have high integrity, stand and speak for the people…very few and I can count them, they are less than ten in this country. What I am trying to say is that this dialogue process should be led by the church, they have done it before. How can they fail now…the church may seem to be failing because they brought in ZCID. All the previous dialogues were ZCID was not involved have been successful. I talked about the Commonwealth who pulled out because ZCID and PF did not want them because they thought they were supporting the opposition and today again they have started accusing the church to say they are working with the opposition…they are not, how?”

Mwamba alleged that ZCID had failed to infiltrate the church with their brown envelope bribes therefore want to frustrate the clergy’s involvement in the process.

He said the church should sorely lead the process without the involvement of ZCID.

“It’s just that ZCID has failed to infiltrate the church, they have failed with their brown envelopes to compromise the church. I wish to commend you, keep it up. So what I am saying is that chiefs are not the best to lead this process at all, most of them…I am not saying all of them are highly compromised, so this is a non-starter. In fact, let the church lead the process on their own, they know it better than ZCID. Let ZCID be out of this process,” said Mwamba.

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