Zambia is polarised – Rev Banda

THIS polarisation we are seeing is not helping the nation, says UNIP deputy secretary general Reverend Alfred Banda.

He said UNIP was participating in the national dialogue and reconciliation process because they felt that Zambia should effect constitutional, electoral reforms, including subsidiary laws, in particular the public order Act, to conform them to the democratic dispensation.

“But we are very concerned with the manner this dialogue process is being taken. We feel at the moment the country is in a confused state. We are seeing directionless politics at play,” Rev Banda said. “We have perceived the PF-ZCID (Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue) alliance pulling the other side and then the Opposition Alliance of 12 pulling the other direction. In the process we are not doing justice to the Church, the three church bodies who mean well to resolve our political differences so that we move in a right direction as a nation, a united people in diversity. This polarisation we are seeing is not helping the nation.”

Rev Banda urged political leaders to be full of humility and have love for the country and the citizenry.

“As UNIP, we feel we should help to reconcile the ZCID and the Church because we strongly feel the national dialogue process should be chaired by the Church and ZCID should be part of the secretariat,” said Rev Banda. “This shouldn’t be difficult if there is political will from both sides – the PF and its allies, and the opposition alliance and their allies too.”

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