Foreign players should not hinder local talent – Kashala

WE need to reduce on the number of foreign players in our teams so that we do not starve our national team, says Football Association of Zambia general secretary Adrian Kashala.

But Kashala says the development and lucrativeness of the local league is what was attracting foreign players to Zambia.

“It is because of the value that the FAZ administration has added to the game that has attracted so many foreign players and the like but we again have to be careful that the influx of foreign players does not take all the space because then we would not be doing too well for our national team,” he said.

“We have extended to bring in even the Japanese players to our league. It entails that our league has improved, it has become more lucrative. The football fraternity right now is doing a tremendous job and I want to encourage them. This is how it should be.”

Kashala warned that foreign players add little to the national team outlook.

“As much as we want these foreign players in our local league, we should also be mindful that we have a national assignment to take care of. We also have a government directive. The position of the government is that we need to downsize or reduce on the number of foreign players in our teams so that we do not starve our national team,” said Kashala.

 “Remember we are drawing from the same clubs for the national teams. We should be mindful of our own baby which is the national team and that should be our core responsibility as the Zambian football teams.”

The local league has in the recent past attracted international players with the latest recruitment in the Super League being Japanese players signed by Zesco United and Maestro United Zambian Academy Football Club (FC MUZA).

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